The Art of Making Andhra's World-Famous Mango Avakaya

Calling all raw mango lovers, here’s a treat for you!

Shraddha Varma

As much as we dread the scorching heat that summer brings along, what makes the season bearable is the arrival of the king of fruits – mango – and the pickling season. Now, while everything made with this fruit is delectable, there’s a special place reserved for a raw mango pickle in most hearts. And why wouldn’t there be? After all, it boasts of the power to instantly spruce up even the simplest of meals and turn them into what we can call a delicious and hearty desi meal. 

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Each region and each household across the country has its unique version of a mango pickle. While Uttar Pradesh and Bihar like their aam ka achaar a little spicy, loaded with mustard oil and fennel seeds, Gujarat swears by its chhundo, which is a sweet and sour mango relish. Down south, Andhra Pradesh uses the same fruit to prepare a spicy, fiery, lip-smacking mango avakaya. One of the highlights of a Telugu household, this is a glorious mixture of mustard (ava) and mangoes (kaya) with loads of chillies and other spices. Its popularity is such that we can safely say that the mango avakaya is as famous as the state’s Charminar and the backwaters of Godavari. Just like in the other parts of India, in Andhra too, pickling is a community affair where family members, relatives, and neighbours gather to do their bit in making their favourite pickle – from surveying each fruit to peeling them and mixing the masalas.

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If all this pickle-talk has got you craving some mango avakaya, check out this recipe by LF chef Kunal Kapur. Watch this video to pickle your own jar of Andhra’s favourite mango pickle:

The Art of Making Andhra's World-Famous Mango Avakaya

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