Team Living Foodz: Food Resolutions for 2017

What are the big plans (read: resolutions) of Team Living Foodz for the New Year?

LF Team

We are the team that got fatter while writing, editing, shooting and working with food. We ditched the weighing scale, went guilt-free with sugar, butter and the occasional drink, while our chefs churned out one recipe after another. In 2017, we resolve to get bigger with our shows, stories, recipes and not around our waistlines. For more about the team’s 2017 resolutions, head this way…

My resolution for 2017 is to stop eating fish. Scientists have predicted that oceans are running out of fish faster than we think – mainly due to over-fishing. The human race has already wiped out over 40 percent of fishes from oceans and by 2050, scientists say there will no more fish stock left in the world. My resolution might look like a drop in the ocean but if it can save a few fishes in the sea, I’ll consider it worth the effort.
Priyanko Sarkar, Deputy Editor

My food resolution for 2017 is to explore local produce wherever I go, to forage for little known greens, vegetables, wild berries and fruits in farmers markets and from local vegetable vendors in my city and the places I visit. I want to explore the foods that our grandparents ate, and collect recipes that are fast disappearing from our collective food memory. This year, I want to take baby steps towards growing my own food and cut down heavily on refined and processed foods.
Priyamvada Kowshik, Lead Editor

My new year resolution is to stop buying bottled water. Though these bottles are recyclable, it takes more than 1000 years for plastic to break down. Also, the amount of water required to produce one bottle of drinking water is more than three liters. Plastic bottled water not only impacts the environment, but also increases health risks. Next year will be about saving planet earth, and my money, by not buying plastic bottled water.
Ravi Budania, Market Research

My new year resolution, even if clichéd, resonates with my evolving perception of my own lifestyle: Quit Alcohol!
Vartika Pahuja, Graphic Designer

I have had health issues in 2016, and I want a complete overhaul in 2017. So, I have decided to stick to a few decisions - cut down on sugar, go for walks at least five times a week and pick up some form of exercise. Apart from this, I want to bake and make others happy. I will take up some baking lessons to enhance my skills, either by attending workshops or being glued to YouTube.
Priyanka Sharma, Content Writer

I am in a committed relationship with food and it will be nearly impossible to give up anything. But, 2017 will be the year when I will write more about what’s on my plate rather than thinking about extra helpings. I will write from my heart instead of emotional eating. Finally, break the habit of revisiting the same old restaurants, because they serve my favourites, and find more places, dishes and desserts to fall in love with.
Jahnabee Borah, Assistant Editor

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