Sunday Snacks to Beat Monday Blues

Stop binge eating and drink less on Sundays to feel productive each week.

Arathi Menon

Crazy as it may sound, in 2005, an UK-based psychologist came up with a strange equation to calculate the most miserable day of the year which, according to him has everyone at their “most melancholic”. And surprise, surprise, the most miserable day turns out to be a Monday! Christened Blue Monday, it is the third Monday of January.


Pretty much all of us have been through at least one Monday that has us looking back at Sunday with some really strong separation anxiety, but a Monday when everyone feels down at the same time sounds far-fetched, right? While the jury is out on the Blue Monday, it’s fair to assume that every Monday brings its share of blues with it. A total slump in energy that affects productivity is one classic symptom of Monday blues. 

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Take heart, Monday blues is completely curable through a power-packed diet on the Sunday preceding it!


Mumbai-based nutritional therapist and certified holistic cancer coach Rachna Chhachhi says that the main cause of Monday blues is a Sunday wasted away. “Most people end up looking at Sundays as their binge day. This means a high carbohydrate consumption and sometimes alcohol during the day, leading to a lethargic feeling and a lack of freshness on Mondays. Sundays should be seen as days to rejuvenate in the true sense,” she says.


Get the Good Fibre 

So, what does she suggest? Lots of greens, vegetables, nuts and seeds throughout the day and an early dinner of lean proteins like fish, tofu, chicken breast (not the leg, which is red meat), and a reasonable portion of stir-fried greens like French beans, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, mushrooms all of which are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.


Chhachhi also suggest that carbohydrates be kept low at night as they can make you sluggish the next day. Drink, if you must, but stick to a couple of glasses of red wine and finish everything by nine in the night if you need to be fresh by nine next morning. 

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Go Easy on Carbs

Every food gives us energy but then there are certain foods that are packed with energy. Choose them for your Sunday diet and you will not have to worry about a dull Monday morning. 


Nutritionist Shalini Manglani helps you break down your Sunday diet. She suggests that the carb part of the diet can be taken care of in the morning itself. “Start the day with bigger carbohydrates and then reduce them as the day goes by,” she suggests.


So, keep the Sunday breakfast carb rich with foods like idli/dosa with sambar, poha or upma. You always have options in puri and a little chutney or toast with chutney and vegetables. Another option is oats with milk and fruits and nuts or a jar of overnight oats with chia or sabza seeds. Dinner should be light and protein rich. 

Beverages, according to Manglani, play an important part in readying you for the next day. A jug of buttermilk flavoured with mint and jeera or coriander and ginger is a good choice. So is a glass of lime juice. 


What’s in your evening snack box and dinner platter, plays a huge role in deciding the level of Monday blues you are going to fight the next day. Here, Manglani shares some good options to slowly wind up your Sunday:


  • A large bowl of raita or hung curd dip with assorted vegetables in the evening. 
  • Two small cups of cut fruits. Guavas and mangoes are in season and are absolutely delicious.
  • Dry chana with lemon and red chili powder.
  • Hummus and vegetable sticks.
  • Kebabs and grilled vegetables. 

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Dinner Ideas 

If at home for dinner, a nice big Sunday omelette or any egg preparation like a boiled egg, Spanish frittata or egg bhurji with plenty of veggies like onions, tomatoes, capsicums, mushrooms is a good option. Vegetarians can have a paneer bhurji with vegetables along with some sprouts.


Unwind Post Dinner

  • Homemade cold chocolate milk (milk, cocoa power and jaggery) or rose milk (milk and rose syrup) or milk and banana make a nice post dinner snack. Homemade mango milkshake is another option.


An active Sunday will lead to a perky Monday, so move around a lot, play, go to the park. And if the day is packed with activity, relax the no-carb rule for dinner to include a roti or some rice for dinner. 



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