Summer on a Stick: 8 Ice Treats to Celebrate the End of the Season

Sugar, spice and everything ice

Annabelle D’Costa

For most of us ‘90s kids, ice golas announced the arrival of summer. The thrill of choosing a flavour as the gola-wallah manually shaves ice from a large block into a glass, topping it with a sweet, sugary syrup that would slowly seep into the snow. Ah! The joy you derive from sucking on these flavour bombs, sending you into a tizzy of sugar, and then, an instant brain freeze. There’s no denying that chuskis or barf ka golas were sticky and messy (my favourite flavour, kaala khatta, is infamous for stubborn stains on), but they were also, summer on a stick.

Even today, these chuskis are a guilty pleasure worth indulging. However, this year is a very different summer season from any we’ve had in the past. None of us is sure how long all these new social distancing rules are going to last. And we’re pretty sure that the neighbourhood gola wallas won’t be returning to the streets anytime soon.

Solution? Make your own ice treats! All you’ve got to do is pulverize two or three ingredients in a food processor or mixer, pour it into a mould and dump in the freezer and wait... Oh, you’ll also need some sticks. Preferably, reusable ones.

Get started, already:

Mango, Lemon and Cashew Popsicle by

Natasha Minocha

Tangy and creamy with bits of crunch. This popsicle recipe calls for five ingredients, some of which can easily be substituted. No cashew milk? Substitute with yoghurt or any dairy milk. No maple syrup, use honey or agave instead. To make, all you’ve got to do is combine cashew milk, sliced mangoes, lemon juice, pomegranate seeds along with a sweetener of your choice and blend into a thick mix. Pour into moulds, and chill overnight. Ta-da! Get the

recipe here



Rasgulla Kulfi by Monalisa Mehrotra

Mehrotra’s kulfi recipe was born out of pure co-incidence, while trying to salvage rasgullas gone wrong. But you can enjoy the eclectic kulfi thanks to the kitchen experiment. Cook paneer in sugar syrup till it soaks in most of the syrup. Now add milk and wait till the mixture reduces and becomes a thick. Once cool, using a processor or a mixer, blend into a thick mixture. At this stage, you could throw in some nuts and add a few drops of rose water too. Then, transfer to popsicle moulds and freeze for at least 1-2 hours. Insert your ice cream sticks and allow to set for a few more hours.  


Strawberry and Yoghurt Popsicle by Anamika Sharma

Just five ingredients and no refined sugar make these easy strawberry yoghurt popsicles a healthy snack for both, kids and adults. All you need are a handful of fresh strawberries, Greek yoghurt or hung curd, chia seeds, dates and a banana. Blend into a thick, creamy mix; pour into moulds and freeze until set.


Tender Coconut Popsicle by Ankit Mishra

You won't believe this incredibly rich and indulgent ice treats only take four ingredients: milk, coconut, sugar and whipping cream. Here’s Mishra’s no-brainer recipe: Simply blend the flesh of half a coconut and grate the other half. Next, heat milk and sugar in a pan until the crystals dissolve. To this, add in the coconut milk, grated coconut and un-whipped whipping cream. Pour into moulds and allow to set before serving


Cereal Popsicle by Claudia Mwikali

Add some pop to your morning routine by turning your bowl of cereal into a frozen, grab-and-go treat. Mix together muesli, honey and chopped peanuts. Fill half your moulds with this mix. Next, combine together milk and yoghurt to achieve a thick consistency. To this, add rice Krispies or cornflakes, and fill the remaining of your moulds with this mixture. Freeze overnight and enjoy in the morning!


Chai and Parle-G Ice Popsicle by Avani Khandelwal

Combine your love for chai and biscuit with this popsicle. Crush a few glucose biscuits and transfer to your mould. Next, make chai as you normally would; you can even make your favourite

masala chai

with spices. As with sugar, add double the amount to your chai. Remember that sugar does more than just add sweetness - in this case it helps your ice cream get softer and less icy. Once ready, pour it into your moulds and allow to set for a few hours. When it’s semi-set, insert the sticks and allow to set over-night.


Dalgona Coffee Popsicle by Reethika Singh

Inspired by the

Dalgona coffee

trend, these popsicles are a delicious take on the caffeinated beverage. Besides, you could always give it a vegan spin by substituting the cream with coconut cream and using maple syrup in place of the condensed milk. Get the recipe




Strawberry, Jalapeño and Margarita Popsicle by Maryanne Cabrera

The last hoorah of summer definitely calls for a drink, and this Margarita-inspired poptail is just the perfect way to send off the season. Made with tequila, fresh strawberries, lemon and lime juice, and sweetened with jalapeño infused simple syrup, this popsicle is an adult indulgence. While you are free to play around with the ingredients, as for boozy popsicles, it’s important to stick with the exact amount of sugar the recipe calls for: Too much sugar and the popsicle will never set. For the full recipe, head



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