Sula Vineyards’ New Range of Wines You Just Cannot Miss

Here’s an exclusive tour of the new wines with the chief winemaker of Sula Vineyards

Sayoni Bhaduri

Vineyards has introduced three distinctly different wines into their portfolio, Rasa Zinfandel, The Source Sauvignon Blanc and Sula Shiraz Sparkling.

Karan Vasani, chief winemaker and SVP Vineyard & Winery Operations Sula Vineyards says of this new range, “While majority of wine drinkers still prefer drinking sweeter styles of wine. But the early adopters have evolved and opting for dryer styles of wine. This new range is a serious style of wine designed for them.” He then went on to give us the insider info into Sula Vineyard’s latest collection of wines:

Karan Vasani, Chief Winemaker & SVP Vineyard & Winery Operations, Sula Vineyards

The Source Sauvignon Blanc 2018

The Source is a new label under the umbrella of Sula Vineyards that was launched in 2017. Single varietal Sauvignon Blanc was a no brainer for Sula, since they’ve mastered the varietal in their two-decades run. Of this wine Vasani says, “Of the total production, 50% wine has spent five months in oak barrels to gain complexity.” The wine hits all the right herbaceous notes on the nose and expressive lime and citrus notes with the addition of tropical fruits, on the palate. Thanks to these characteristics The Source Sauvignon Blanc balances a fruity sweetness with citrusy tartness.

Rasa Zinfandel

“We launched this wine just a month ago,” informs Vasani of their January 2019 release of Rasa Zinfandel. The wine has been in the offing for a while (we told you first, read more here) and has been inspired by the US mastery of Zinfandel grape varietal. “Kerry Damskey, director of wine making at Sula Vineyards, himself is a master of the varietal and it was a natural progression for the winemaker to introduce the wine to India,” adds Vasani.

The Rasa Zinfandel is full-bodied, expressive and flavourful. The wine’s aromas are distinctly reminiscent of coffee and dark berries that is well expressed once you taste it—the tannin of the wine is well integrated with rich flavours of ripe dark berries and subtle underlay of black pepper spiciness.

Sula Shiraz Sparkling

Sula continues to be a thought leader in product innovation with the introduction of their Sula Shiraz Sparkling. Unlike usual sparkling wine, which are white despite using red wine grapes, this wine is a red sparkling wine.

It may seem like an unnatural thing for young wine nation of India, but red sparkling wine is generally found in Italy (Lambrusco) and Australia. This wine follows close behind Sula Brut Tropicale that is a blanc de noir, which is simplified as a white wine from black grapes. The grape in question is Pinot Noir.

The sparkling has garnered great feedback and following, whether it is because of the novelty or the fruit-forward sweetness. The red fizz has also won awards for successful pairing with spice-heavy Indian dishes.

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The Source Grenache Rose 2018

This was the first wine to be introduced under The Source label. It is designed to be a serious rose wine. “Across the world, dry pale rose wine from the Provence region of France has gained popularity. The Source Grenache Rose is modelled on these wines,” says Vasani. The first vintage sold out in four months making Vasani very hopeful for the future of this wine.

Made from Grenache grapes, the rose wine is vibrant and versatile. The pale orange-pink hued wine has a mix of tropical, citrus and white fruits on its nose and palate. The palate is further accentuated with the acidity that offers a sparling mouth-feel.

Dindori Reserve Chardonnay

It is the first still Chardonnay from the house of Sula. 2018 was the first vintage of the wine, which is only available at the vineyards in Nasik. Currently being produced in a small batch to get a better idea of the wine’s reception. Depending upon the demand and feedback, the production of the wine will be increased.

Almost 50% of wine has been fermented in oak barrels and the rest in stainless steel tank. This allows the wine to develop a complexity that is balanced with a fresh palate. The aroma and palate of the Dindori Chardonnay Reserve is fruit-forward with an expressive yet well rounded taste. It has a clean but long finish.

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Featured Image: Sayoni Bhaduri
Inside image courtesy: Sula Vineyards


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