Sula Vineyards Launches Ready-To-Drink Dia Sparkling

All hail wine in a can!

Sayoni Bhaduri

Wine lovers, there's more reason to plan those impromptu date nights with wine and cheese now. And even without your favourite bottle of wine! Wonder how? If you thought canned beers are your go-to for such impromptu last-minute plans, make way for your favourite vino, now in a canned avatar! From brunch to a chic sun downer, Nashik-based Sula Vineyards has forayed into the Ready-To-Drink (RTD) segment with Dia Sparkling cans. Available in red and white wine variations, the convenient and easy to use wine sparklers, a first-of-its kind in India, were launched at SulaFest 2020 to give the wine segment a youthful makeover. 

“We already had a successful product in Dia. Dia Sparkling cans is a bubbly, refreshing, low alcohol iteration of the same product,” says Rajeev Samant, founder and CEO of Sula Vineyards, adding that India is not a traditional wine drinking country and most Indians are only getting exposed to wines for the first time. “To appeal to the younger population, wine has to be made into a cool drink. It can’t be a fuddy-duddy drink had by grandparents and Dia Sparkling RTD achieves just that,” he adds.

According to a research by Pune-based Market Research Future, the demand for RTD spirits is expected to gain traction. The market segment is projected to grow at a CAGR of 3.1 per cent during 2018-2023. India has seen an influx in RTD drinks in the last two years. Some of the players in the market are Old Monk Cola, Mojito and Cranberry, Kingfisher Buzz, however, Bacardi’s Breezer continues to be the market leader in the RTD segment in India.

Samant says that RTDs have become a global phenomenon, including in India. “The younger population is so comfortable with RTDs, that they have become ubiquitous. Wine in a can is becoming so big, especially in the US. It’s a no-brainer that we had to launch it in India,” he says. 

Dia Wine Sparklers are priced at Rs 180 (in Maharashtra) for a 330 ml can and are already available in Maharashtra and by the end of February 2020 will also be available in Goa.  

Maharashtra now allows IMFL manufacturers to produce RTDs with ABV of upto 8%, which can be legally consumed by a 21-year-old. The minimum legal age of consumption for hard liquor is 25 years in Maharashtra and the Dia Sparkling cans are positioned to fully leverage this new change.

Images: Dia Wines


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