Stop Everything! Japan Has Just Introduced Sushi Kit Kats

The new Kit Kats are inspired by sea urchins and tuna


Nestle has already pushed the bar for Kit Kats in Japan. Visitors to the country have had a taste of Kit Kats with green tea, sake and wasabi flavours in the past. Now, in an ambitious new turn, Nestle has introduced its boldest flavor yet with Kit Kats inspired by tuna, sea urchins, egg sushi etc.

Don’t turn up your nose yet. Nestle has clarified that the concoction has more candy than sushi flavor. For example, the tuna Kit Kat will have white chocolate in lieu of rice and a raspberry-flavoured candy bar to represent the fish. The sea urchin (uni) piece will have Hokkaido melon flavor instead of seaweed roll that will be topped by chocolate infused with mascarpone cream cheese.

This might sound like a gimmick to make Kit Kats simply look like sushi but the origins of this go back to April Fools’ Day last year when Nestle Japan released a picture of sushi Kit Kats on its social media pages. A huge public demand for these led Nestle to develop the sushi Kit Kats that can now be sampled at Nestle’s Ginza store in Tokyo.

Image Credits: Facebook


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