Next time you crave for a juicy burger, try these instead

Whether it’s burger night or not, these vegetarian and non-vegetarian burger recipes are just too tempting to miss. Say goodbye to take-away burgers and make way for these homemade burgers.

Lamb Burger


Easy to make and yummy to taste, give your burger a meaty upgrade with this scrumptious Greek-style patty that’s sure to satisfy your hunger in a delightful way.

Waffle Burger


Feed your sweet tooth with this one-of-a-kind burger recipe. Enjoy it as a dessert or as a whole meal in itself and thank us later. 

Thai Fish Burger


This burger is sure to treat your palate to a burst of flavours, leaving you wanting for more. And when accompanied by pineapple relish, this burger makes for a sure winner among both kids and adults. 

Lentil Pancake Burger 


Here’s a delicious and healthy combination of a burger and a pancake that makes for a wonderful treat. We promise, this recipe will leave your kids more than happy when they learn that there’s burger for dinner.

Banana Cutlet Burgers 


Bringing together the goodness of bananas, apples and boiled potatoes, this healthy take on the burger doesn’t disappoint in taste. This makes for a great snack on those evenings when you’re looking for an early and no-fuss dinner.

Masoor Tikki Burger


This variety of masoor tikki burger is healthy, scrumptious, and sure to wow your guests at your next party.

Avocado, Bacon and Chicken Burger 


Grilled slices of chicken breasts topped with avocado and mayonnaise dressings served with rich mustard and tomato ketchup sets the mood for a perfect dinner date.

Corn and Chickpea Burger


Kids always crave burgers so why not satisfy their cravings with a healthy version of this popular fast food. Try this homemade burger made with chickpeas and corn.

Pizza Burger


Loaded with stringy mozzarella cheese, this yummy burger is perfect for saying goodbye to those in-between meal hunger pangs.

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