Spoil Yourself With These Oh-So Delicious Burgers

Next time you crave for a juicy burger, try these instead

Annabelle D’Costa

While hands down, the vada pav makes for the quickest, wallet-friendly and 'the' best Indian burger,  the videshi burger still holds a special place in the hearts of many, and for a good reason. Burgers are the ultimate comfort food that can be taken from breakfast to dinner, and at their core, they only require two ingredients: meat/veggies and bun pavs.

In spite of their amazingly simple foundations, however, it's surprisingly easy to build a disappointing burger. A few simple (and common) mistakes can leave you with a burger that is dry, bland or flavours that don't compliment each other. If you're having trouble consistently making tender, juicy, flavourful burgers, worry not. Whether it’s burger night or not, we've put together some of the best vegetarian and non-vegetarian burger recipes that are just too tempting to miss. So say goodbye to take-away burgers and make way for these homemade burgers.

Lamb Burger

Spoil Yourself With These Oh-So Delicious Burgers

The perfect addition to your summer BBQ parties, this lamb burger recipe uses cheese, parsley, mint, chillies are a few other ingredients to impart tons of flavour. This lamb patty can either be baked in an oven or even grilled on a pan - that's completely up to you. Easy to make and yummy to taste, this burger recipe gives your meal an instant meaty upgrade.  

Waffle Burger

Spoil Yourself With These Oh-So Delicious Burgers

Why use store bought bun pavs when you could make your very own fresh ones? Simply turn to your waffle iron to make waffle buns. With waffle buns, potatoes, beetroot, carrot, dalia and some herbs, this breakfast burger has the perfect balance of health and taste. 

Thai Fish Burger

If you can't go to Thai, simply bring it to your table with this fish burger recipe. A treat your palate, this Thai fish burger combines the fresh flavours of fish with the zing of Thai spices, thereby leaving you wanting for more. And when accompanied by pineapple relish, this burger makes for a sure winner among both kids and adults. 

Lentil Pancake Burger 

Spoil Yourself With These Oh-So Delicious Burgers

Here’s a delicious and healthy combination of a burger and a pancake that makes for a wonderful treat. Potatoes and lentils unite in these delicious little, spiced, vegetarian patties while bread gets replaced with pancakes made from gram and refined flour. We promise this recipe will leave your kids more than happy when they learn that there’s a burger for dinner.

Banana Cutlet Burgers 

Spoil Yourself With These Oh-So Delicious Burgers

Why limit the banana to only an after dinner snack, when instead you could get experimental with it. Bring together the goodness of bananas, apples and boiled potatoes, in this burger recipe which helps add a healthy twist to the regular burger. While it may sound strange at first, one bite into this burger and you'll know why we're all in favour of it. This makes for a great snack on those evenings when you’re looking for an early and no-fuss dinner.

Masoor Tikki Burger

Spoil Yourself With These Oh-So Delicious Burgers

Masoor dal is an alternative source of protein to vegans and vegetarians alike. When sneaked into burger patties, not only does it add an extra dose of health, but also flavour and taste. Best eaten on a bed of greens with some mint chutney.

Avocado, Bacon and Chicken Burger


Spoil Yourself With These Oh-So Delicious Burgers

Grilled slices of chicken breasts topped with avocado and mayonnaise dressings served with rich mustard and tomato ketchup sets the mood for a perfect dinner date. The creamy slices of avocado pairs well with the crispiness of bacon and grilled chicken to give you the most filling breakfast meal. 

Corn and Chickpea Burger

Spoil Yourself With These Oh-So Delicious Burgers

Upgrade your meatless days with this corn and chickpea burger recipe. And since kids always crave burgers, this recipe makes for the easiest and most delicious way to satisfy their cravings. You are free to add in as many veggies as you'd like to simply increase the health quotient. 

Pizza Burger

Spoil Yourself With These Oh-So Delicious Burgers

Love pizza? Love burger? We hear you! Bringing you the best of both worlds, this pizza burger recipe makes a helluva meal option. Loaded with stringy mozzarella cheese, this yummy burger is perfect for saying goodbye to those in-between meal hunger pangs.


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