Sorting Through A Confused Jangle At Glocal Junction

Food, drinks or nightlife - it’s probably best to know what you’re going to Glocal Junction for

Priyanko Sarkar

Glocal Junction at Worli occupies one of the most recognizable addresses – in the complex of the Nehru Centre itself. If you think that means you need to squeeze into a small space to enjoy everything the place has to offer, you’d be wrong. Glocal Junction occupies one of the biggest and tallest restaurant spaces we’ve recently in at a South Mumbai establishment.

Much of the ambience is similar to the Andheri outpost with a dining capacity of 300 guests divided into private dining areas as well as long tables. The bar is the central point of attraction and there is a big screen area that is ideal for watching matches with your team.

We reached the place on a weekend for dinner and started with cocktails Arugula Rockets (INR 700) with gin, yuzu and wild arugula juice and Pump Up (INR 700), a vodka, Earl Grey tea with cinnamom and cucumber syrup. The cocktails seemed heavy on ice but they tasted better when the amount of ice was reduced. Other drinks that caught our fancy were the Citron vodka and Midori and a sweet and sour mix combination called Thailee (INR 525) as well as the Toxic Box (INR 525), a vodka, litchi and lemongrass mixture that actually arrived in a box!

We also started tasting from their menu by this time. We had the Corn, Cheese and Cheese Samosette (INR 285) and Paneer Chili (INR 375) that we instantly devoured. The paneer dish, especially, was a winner because of its freshness and perfect spice mix.

Things began going downhill from here.

We waited longer and longer for each successive dish to arrive and none of them really caught our fancy. Worse, the lighting and mood of the place switched to nightlife mode suddenly so that we couldn’t have any conversation at our private table. We had entered with great expectations but had to leave quickly because the deafening music was an unwelcome intrusion that we could have done without.

It made us realise that the place is huge and well-organised but there is confusion about what the place is trying to position itself as—a nightlife destination, a place for friends and families to enjoy having food and have conversations or a drinking hole for team parties and groups of friends. We saw all three in a little less than a couple for hours we were there and it left us disoriented. We give Glocal Junction a just-about 3 on 5. 


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