Some Fantabulous Dips To Spice Up Your Diwali Recipes

This blog is all about some flavoursome dips so bring some different flavours to your life by trying out our some tangy and flavourful dips which goes with every cuisine


We are always ready to choose experimental dishes over readymade traditional dishes nowadays. It could be sweets like Laddu, Carrot Halwa, Barfi, Farsan etc. If you are skipping readymade sweets this festive season then, it is time to say ‘No’ to readymade sauces, chutneys and dips as well. Let the cook inside you make new flavours which your guests will love with each bite of nachos and chips when you serve along with side dips like chutneys. Serve your guests these yummy finger licking dips like chutneys, creams, curds, etc. My favourite side dish or dip is chutney as I feel it goes along with most of the main dishes.

Mustard Paste and Curd: Take fresh mustard paste and combine it with thick yoghurt. Add well-chopped onion and few green chillies. Add chaat masala and rock salt to enhance the flavour.

Spinach and Whipped Cream: Take chopped & boiled spinach leaves. Combine it with whipped cream. Add grated cheese, black pepper and salt. Microwave it for two mins. Serve it with nachos or spring rolls.

Sour and Pecorino Cream: Mix sour cream, ginger, grated pecorino (a kind of Cheese from Italy), black pepper and rock salt. Leave it for 5 minutes and enjoy it along with the potato chips. In case, pecorino cheese is not available; you can opt for Gouda cheese.

Corn, Coriander and Sour Cream: Boil corn for ten minutes. Chop the coriander. Then, mix them with sour cream, add black pepper and rock salt. Sprinkle a few sugar crystals to add a sweet edge to the dip.

Tomatoes and Mustard Oil: Properly chopped garlic and some tomatoes. Mix them with fresh thick cream; add half teaspoon mustard oil, rock salt, sugar. Mix properly and enjoy it with finger rolls or tacos.

Olive Oil and Feta Cheese:

Mix feta cheese, chopped spring onions, tomatoes and olive oil. Add black pepper and salt. Serve with homemade chips or nachos.

So, have a wonderful festival time with the main course dishes and side dishes like creams, chutneys, etc. made with love. Make festive season chatakedaar with these recipes of chutneys and other dips.


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