These easy-to-make snack ideas will help take your football mania to a whole next level.

One of the easiest cooking equipment to use, the microwave, acts as a lifesaver in more than one. From reheating, melting to defrosting, microwave is the answer! But did you know that there’s so much more to the microwave than this? Time-saving desserts and savouries aside, this contraption can also help you up your cooking game. With the FIFA season upon us, it’s high time you start appreciating the microwave more because now last-minute snacks are just a few steps away! 

French Toast 

Who said French toast is only meant for breakfast? Take this breakfast staple and turn it into the perfect accompaniment for your football night. Use leftover bread slices lying in your refrigerator, tear them into small pieces and throw them into a microwave-friendly mug. Add some milk, sugar, cinnamon powder (egg is optional) and leave it up to the microwave to work its charm. You could top your creation with some maple or chocolate syrup and cut banana slices. For a step-by-step guide, click here  

Okra Chips  

Who knew that the microwave could also help you prepare these super-addictive low-fat chips. While there’s no compromise on health here, you could spoil yourself a bit by pairing these chips with a cheesy sauce or dip of your choice. We promise, these are so yummy that even a picky eater will want some more. So make sure to prepare an extra batch beforehand and remember to save yourself some or you’d be left watching them disappear in just a few minutes. For the recipe, click here 

Pizza Potatoes  

Who doesn’t love potatoes? A sure-shot way to wow guests, these pizza potatoes don’t need much preparation and can be made in just a few minutes. Masterchef or not, even your child will be able to ace this dish. Chop your potatoes (you could leave the skin, if you’re aiming for an extra crunch) and next throw in whatever seasoning you’ve got at hand. Be generous with the butter and you’re good to go. For the recipe, click here 


All you need to do is crack open an egg or two (the more the better) in a mug, throw in some spinach, cheese, milk (bacon strips, if needed). Give these ingredients a good stir before throwing the mug into the microwave. You could also add in some leftover sabzi if you are looking for something more wholesome and filling. For an easy recipe, click here 


Yes, pizza in a mug is possible, and also a lot quicker and easier than you might’ve thought. With whatever sauce you may find in your fridge, cheese, cooked meat/veggies and other toppings of your choice, you can satisfy your fast-food cravings. This can be customised as per your likings and will not lead you down a guilt trip. For the recipe, click here.   

Sponge Pudding 

Craving something sweet? Ten minutes is all it takes to dig into a mug of steaming hot pudding. With just a few ingredients that you’ll probably find in your kitchen, this sweet pudding is a perfect end to your game night. For the recipe, click here 

Peanut Brittle 

What better way to turn your leftover peanuts into something oh-so-amazing than this brittle recipe. Just 7 minutes is all it takes to make these sweet and salty, and anything less than 2 minutes to gobble them down. Best enjoyed with a cup of hot chocolate or chai, this is something all you lazy cooks should definitely try.


This list cannot be complete with popcorn—everyone’s favourite snack. Easy to make, this versatile snack can be prepared in so many ways with so many toppings as long as you’re open to experimentation. Throw in your corn kernels in a bag along with some butter and sip on your drink as you hear them pop. For the most basic guide, click here 



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