Smelly Hands, Smelly Hands, What Are They Feeding You?

How To Get Rid of Food Odour From Your Hands

Annabelle D’Costa

Ahhhhh… the smell of food while it’s being made. And when on the plate too. Be it the smell of garlic or freshly baked cookies – you know the smell will keep lingering for the next few minutes. But would you want the smell of recently gobbled butter chicken or chopped garlic on your hands too? We definitely wouldn’t. Well, here’s how you can get rid of smelly hands.


Rubbing salt into your palms removes dead skin cells thereby helping get rid of any unwanted food odours. Simply take a small amount of salt into your hands, sprinkle a few drops of water and rub for the next few minutes. Wash with cold water and follow with a moisturizer to prevent dryness. Skip this one in case of any open cuts or wounds.


Citrus fruits such as lemon, lime or oranges not only help rid your hands of grease or dirt, but will also leave a nice citrusy after-smell. Directly rub a slice onto your palms for a few minutes before washing off with plain water.


Coffee lovers, here’s how you can get more out of that cup of joe. Depending on what you have at hand - coffee beans or powder – simply rub it on your palms until you no more smell food, and then simply wash with soap and water.


In addition to helping you deal with bad breath, toothpaste can also get rid of smelly hands as well. All you need is a dollop of toothpaste – rub it nicely onto your palms after wetting them slightly and then rinse off. While you can use gel-based toothpaste, it’s best to opt for the white one.


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