Single Serve Desserts To Light Up The Party

Good things come in small servings. Here are some must-try exotic single serve desserts


Single serve desserts are bite-sized desserts which you can finish in a bite or two. But, what makes these single serve desserts so special, and why are single serve desserts in demand? LF chef Rakhee Vaswani has an amusing take on this. “Single serve desserts are special for the simple reason, that it lets people eat a whole serving selfishly without even a pinch of guilt.”

Sanjana Patel, Executive Pastry Chef

, La Folie India says single serve desserts give you an opportunity to choose from a larger variety “and also serve a more elaborate menu to their guests. And, since people are increasingly becoming health conscious, they don't feel guilty to eat smaller portion sizes.”

And in case you are in a fix, here are few single serve desserts that are popular on the party circuit.

Nutella Mug Cake

Out of all the single serve desserts, this one is the simplest yet delicious which can be prepared in a jiffy. Nutella lovers can pour some more Nutella sauce on top.

Infinite Nutty Belgian Praline

There are different versions of praline, Belgian is one. This version has a chocolate shell filled with a soft filling that melts in your mouth. You can also have a filling of nuts, to make this single serve desserts even more delectable.

Baked Nutella Doughnuts 

Single Serve Desserts To Light Up The Party

Who doesn't love doughnuts especially when they are made with Nutella? Our all-time favourite single serve desserts.


 single serve desserts has tropical passion fruit cream with coconut praline and vanilla tender coconut mousse, exactly what everyone will fall for. 

Baked Phirni

The Indian version of the popular sweet dish, phirni. Garnish this single serve desserts with roasted figs poached in rose and raspberry water, pistachio and almond biscotti wafer, and chocolate date sauce.

Apple Chocolate Glasses

Single Serve Desserts To Light Up The Party

These shot glasses are such a fun treat and easier than you think to make. A unique addition to your single serve desserts.

Chocolate Cream Berry Pie

A no-bake, gluten-free dessert for the health freaks who can satisfy their sweet tooth. A perfect
single serve desserts with loads of secrets once you jump into it.

Mysore Pak Cheesecake

Single Serve Desserts To Light Up The Party

We love Mysore pak, but this new version is equally addictive and works great for single serve desserts. Pour some freshly whipped cream cheese and garnish with blueberry compote to enhance texture and balance the flavour.

Do not forget to tell us about the reaction of your guests at these exotic guilt-free desserts.


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