Sickflip And Joshi Share Their Love For Music And Food

These modern day DJ/musicians share some of their favourite food memories.

Priyanko Sarkar

Sickflip might have made a name for himself with his self-proclaimed ‘chest-rattling music’ but what gets him going is food. He waxes eloquent about food from all the places where he’s performed his brand of bass-heavy broken-beat electronica solo set since he started playing professionally in 2011.

“One of the first things I do when I land in a place is taste the local thali. If not that, I’ll experiment with the local dish of the region I’m in. It’s fair to say that I take a special interest in food wherever I go,” Sickflip, whose real name is Sarvesh Srivastava, says and adds, “Food is inspiring because it condenses an entire culture onto a plate. Our country has so much diversity that I enjoy the fact that I can be tasting an entire new cuisine within one hour of flying to another city.”

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Goa-born Rishabh Joshi, who prefers to use his last name professionally, also shares the same enthusiasm for food. He has run away a few hours from Bengaluru to taste dosas at its birthplace in South India and proudly proclaims to frequent shacks that serve authentic Goan seafood that tourists are unaware of. “I’m waiting to try the Brazilian fare at Boteco as soon as I get to Pune,” he says excitedly.

Sickflip describes how he once played at a tea estate in remote Golaghat in Assam and brought back bagful of pickles from his trip to the Northeast as one of his favourite food memories. He also loves playing at college festivals “as it introduces a captive audience to my type of music that is very humbling to see”.

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The artists ventured into their musical niche at just the right time and got their lucky breaks with “hard work and some luck”, according to Joshi who found his calling when Sunburn first came to Goa a decade ago. Joshi learnt the technical aspects of music, found his niche in trance music that was popular at the time and even signed on with record labels belonging to trance artists like Armin Van Buuren and Tiesto. Sickflip, on the other hand, learnt music from the Internet and on the road with his special musical journey called The Ladakh Project.


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