Shiro’s Tenth Anniversary Menu Is a Treat No Foodie Should Miss

The menu consolidates the best dishes that Shiro served at different occasions in the past decade.


While innumerable restaurants open every day, only a select few can withstand the cut-throat competition of the hospitality industry. Shiro is one such restaurant that has managed to stand tall in this tough competition, and that too for a decade now. To appreciate the love that everyone has showered on them, Shiro has brought back its most-loved dishes served over the past 10 years at different food festivals. The anniversary menu is available at every Shiro outlet until the end of the month.

The Living Foodz team was invited to get a glimpse of their special menu and we were completely blown away by the experience. We settled ourselves on the cozy chairs and sofa. And, the great feast began!

sushi sashimi rolls
Sushi & Sashimi Platter

The chef started sending the best from the special menu. To begin with, we were served starters—Vietnamese Veg Dumpling, Mushroom and Cream Cheese Dumpling with Truffle Broth, Crystal Dumpling, Chi Chow Dumpling, Cheese Rolls, Crispy Spicy Avacado Maki.

If you are a fan of Thai food, then we highly recommend the Vietnamese Veg Dumpling. In the Mushroom and Cream Cheese Dumpling with Truffle Broth, the dumplings had a subtle taste so as not to over-power the taste of the broth. The Cheese Rolls are the star starters at Shiro, loaded with cheese and some finely chopped veggies - this dish is heaven for any cheese lover. This appetiser is served with sweet chilli sauce by the side. But, what won our hearts were the crispy and spicy Avocado Maki. The crispy avocado on top of the sticky rice and fresh seaweed roll is to die for. Definitely going back for this one!

mushroom truffle broth
Mushroom and Cream Cheese Dumplings with Truffle Broth

The non-veg starters had Wasabi Prawn Dumpling, Har Gau, Hot Basil Chicken Dumpling, Seven Spiced Pork Belly, Spicy Salmon Negi and an assortment of Sushi rolls. We enjoyed the chicken dumpling and the sushi rolls for their precision and evocative taste. But the star dish was the melt-in-your-mouth pork belly with its sweet-sour flavor. No pork lover should miss this one.

Our appetite was truly whetted by the time we began having main course and we’re glad Shiro didn’t disappoint us. They served us Hibachi Rice, Mi Goreng, Stir Fry Veg Chilli Basil and Veg Thai Curry Green. Hibachi rice was light-flavoured brown rice and along with stir fry chilli basil, it made for a good pair. If you are a fan of Sriracha sauce, then Mi Goreng is the dish that you should order at Shiro. Note: The spice-level of the dish may bring tears to your eyes!

mahtani chicken
Mahtani Chicken

Non-vegetarians can enjoy some great chicken dishes, Chicken Hot Pot with Shitake Mushrooms and Chicken in Basket with Bell Peppers to be exact. The flavours in both the dishes is worth the trip to Shiro all in itself.

For a chocolate-lovers like us, their dessert menu is a dream come true. Everything in the dessert section is strictly chocolate-based. We ordered the Mandarin Chocolate Velvet Cake, Chocolate Cherry Bomb and Chocolate Tiramisu. As we have tried loads of chocolate, impressing us becomes a little difficult. However, we felt that the Mandarin chocolate cake did a great job of satisfying our taste buds. The Mandarin cake had the right balance of flavours—chocolate and orange, which many desserts fail to offer. The Chocolate Cherry Bomb, which is the most-popular dessert at Shiro, also tickled our chocolate buds. In case, you are a fan of sour-flavored desserts, we suggest you to opt for this one with its dome-filled sour cherry sure to win you over.

shanghai mushroom dumpling
Shanghai Mushroom Dumpling

We thoroughly enjoyed the best of Shiro dishes as the restaurant celebrates its tenth anniversary. With the dishes that they’ve offered up until now, we’re pretty sure that we’ll have our taste buds filled for another decade as well. We recommend a reservation to Shiro as soon as possible for this greatest hits limited edition menu.

(Image courtesy: Shiro)


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