Sheltering In Place: 5 Essential Reflexes To Keep Your Skin Care Routine On Track

Take care not to neglect your usual beauty routine during lockdown.

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Many of our everyday beauty reflexes may appear tiresome during lockdown. However, neglecting these essential steps could undermine your usual beauty routine to the point where you will be unprepared to face the world when life gets back to normal. Here are five essential beauty tips that you should be careful to keep up throughout the current lockdown.

Evening cleansing is still vitally important

Get up, wash, dress, put on makeup, go to work, come home, remove makeup... For many of us, this standard daily rhythm has been disrupted by life under lockdown, which has forced us to change our habits. If you've decided not to bother with makeup, well and good, but just because you have no makeup to remove does not mean that you should skip evening cleansing. It remains an essential step to remove dirt accumulated during the day and to ensure that your skin can regenerate itself optimally at night. Be sure to use a cleanser adapted to your skin type—cream, oil, micellar water—and complete your cleansing ritual every evening.

Moisturize to keep your skin hydrated

Moisturising is a crucial skin care reflex that is essential for luminous and radiant skin. Morning and evening, apply a moisturising cream to your face to ensure it is sufficiently hydrated, and don't forget your neck. If you have an oily complexion, opt for a lighter moisturising fluid, which, no doubt, you have already integrated into your daily beauty routine. At the same time, be sure to drink enough water throughout the day, another habit that may also be disrupted by staying at home, and don't forget to moisturize your hands, which can quickly become dry with repeated washing.

Exfoliation and targeted treatments

Once a week—the weekend is often a good time—you should set aside an hour to take care of your skin. However, with the lockdown, it is easy to forget to follow through with this beauty moment. In any case, regardless of the chosen day and time, do at least one weekly scrub (a gentle one if you have sensitive skin) to eliminate dead cells, tighten pores, activate micro-circulation, and optimise the penetration of skin care treatments. Once the exfoliation is complete, opt for a mask with a targeted action for your skin type and needs.

What about your hair? 

Setting aside blow drying and straightening for a few weeks while you are stuck at home should be good for your hair, but be careful not to fall behind on regular washing. It might seem logical to slow down on shampooing and conditioning, but it could rapidly result in dry, brittle, and even damaged hair. So it's vitally necessary to take good care of your locks during lockdown to ensure that they are in fine shape when life resumes as usual.

Let your skin breathe

How about taking advantage of the lockdown to allow your skin time to breathe? Several weeks—or even a day or two here and there—without makeup can only be good for your complexion and make it all the more radiant. Just use a face moisturiser. As soon as life gets back to normal, you will be able to show off your perfect skin, which will be in excellent shape for the summer sunshine and a glorious tan in the months to come.

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