Shah Rukh Khan’s Diet Secrets Revealed

Despite his age, Shah Rukh Khan's lean frame has attracted fans to wonder about his diet. We have the scoop on King Khan's diet secrets

There's one diet that has caught the fancy of a lot of people and it is called the "Shah Rukh Khan Diet Plan".


This diet plan is most popular in the US and UK where more and more people are opting for it so that they can get a lean physique like Shah Rukh Khan. Some variations of the diet plan may also include anti-toxin agents that may reduce the harmful elements of smoking.


Leading websites like Livestrong have clarified that the guidelines may not suit everybody and such a diet is not recommended by the US authorities. The website writes about the Shah Rukh Khan diet, "The diet plan, which is low in carbohydrates and high in protein, does not conform to all of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's nutrition guidelines and may not be healthy for everyone."


The diet is also being regarded as one of the most difficult diets to follow by any standards.


So what is the Shah Rukh Khan diet? The diet is centred around the actor’s food habits. Here's the key takeaways from the diet. 



1. Plenty of chicken: Shah Rukh Khan absolutely loves chicken and all his major meals have some chicken in some form or the other. The lunch may contain chicken salad, evening meal may contain multi-grain bread and chicken soup while dinner would consist of chicken roast.


2. No Finger Food or Snacking allowed: This diet only contains about four to six main meals in a day and rules out snacking altogether. No tiny meals are allowed throughout the day. Black coffee is a part of the diet and hence the diet allows several cups of black coffee throughout the day.


3. Super high in protein and low in carbs: This diet is high in protein because chicken is included in all the major meals of the day. But there's no rice or potatoes, hence this diet wouldn't allow carbs in most forms. This is not a protein rich diet but this is an animal protein-based diet. Your nutritionist will tell you the difference. 


4. Only one plate of food is allowed per meal: This particular diet allows you to take as much as you can take on one dinner plate. What you cannot accommodate in the plate, doesn't belong to your stomach. While you are on this diet, you are not allowed a second helping. 


5. No bad eating, not even on cheat days: Most diets allow you to cheat once a week, but not this diet. This diet wouldn't let you have a Punjabi paratha (topped with loads of butter) once a week. Shah Rukh Khan is a disciplined person and hence following this diet requires a lot of discipline too. Though a few exceptions are allowed on cheat days (like red meat, rice, potatoes etc), food items such as butter, cheese, colas, burgers are pizzas are virtually ruled out from your life. 



Considering how difficult this diet is: Would you still want to follow this diet? 

Illustration: Sohail Joshi

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