#Selfieccino Is The New Holy Grail For Narcissists

Sugar rush and selfies guaranteed at this new coffee joint in Mumbai’s Fort area

Priyanko Sarkar

Fort’s newest eatery seems like it stretched itself too far from Kala Ghoda’s swish set by launching #Selfieccino. The restaurant has one unique feature that sets it apart from other eataries and it’ll be interesting to see if it can go beyond its lone USP and sustain itself over the long term. Here’s our review.


#Selfieccino serves coffees, churros, thickshakes, freakshakes and bubble waffles on its menu. Like everyone else, I was first intrigued by the selfie coffee in which your coffee comes with your face on it. The eatery has a 3D printing machine that prints your face after you get clicked against a wall set up for the sole purpose of getting clicked. This then gets added to your order (INR 275 for a Selfieccino Café Latte versus INR 165 for a normal latte) while you Instagram your face-sake as soon as it appears.

The concept is novel, I‘ll give it that. However, I couldn’t say the same about the coffee itself that seemed to lack punch. The baristas were confused about where the beans were sourced from before the owner rescued them and vaguely said that the beans were bought locally.

I also tried a Bubble Waffle, essentially a waffle that has been textured with different elements such as Oreo (INR 250), Banana Toffee (INR 250), Fudgy Brownie (INR 275) etc. These actually tasted quite good for the simple reason that they weren’t as sweet as you normally expect waffles to be. It was also surprisingly satiating. Do make it a point to try any of the Bubble Waffles from the menu if you land up at #Selfieccino.


The seating area is quite limited so ensure you call ahead for reservations if you’re headed there during peak hours. I also enjoyed the different wall designs and the overall ambience of the place. In terms of service, I expect the servers go pick up their knowledge about the dishes and drinks on offer. As I landed up on launch day, a few niggles here and there were to be expected.


At the moment, I feel the restaurant is a solid 3 on 5. While the selfie coffee will draw in visitors, it’s how the model sustains itself after the initial high that will determine how far #Selfieccino goes.


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