#Section377: Let’s Celebrate Love With a Slice of Rainbow Cake

By abolishing Section 377 of the IPC, the Supreme Court has ushered in a new era of personal liberty and freedom to love.

Annabelle D’Costa

September 6, 2018 heralds a new era of personal liberty in the history of India. Today, the apex court of India has recognized that all love is equal, and reversed an earlier judgement on Section 377, to finally decriminalize homosexuality and give a fillip to gay rights and liberties. With this landmark judgement, the Supreme Court of India has struck down the Victorian-era law that penalised people for their sexual orientation. The five-member bench led by Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra unanimously ‘decriminalised’ homosexuality and gay sex between consenting adults. The verdict is a big win for the LGBTIQ community termed as a 'minuscule minority' back in 2013 when Section 377 was upheld.

The first fight against Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, a colonial-era remnant, began in 1994. It is a reminder of how vulnerable the constitutional rights of a minority can be, especially when left to the whim of the state. And if those not part of this group thought Section 377 did not really affect their daily lives, it’s important to note that law didn't explicitly refer to LGBTIQ, allowing the state to interfere into matters of (‘unnatural’) heterosexual or same-gender consensual sex as well, thereby dictating everybody’s constitutional rights. In the words of Dipak Misra, Chief Justice of India: "History owes an apology to members of LGBT community and their family members for ostracisation and persecution they face because of society’s ignorance."

Here’s how we plan to celebrate the victory of personal liberty and the end of a draconian era with a delicious slice of rainbow cake. Join the party! 

Recipe by Chef Sahil Wadhwa, Director, Wadhwa bakers.

What you need: 

For the cake sponge

345 gms flour 
345 gms unsalted butter (softened)
345 gm castor sugar 
6 whole eggs (large)
3 tsp baking powder
1 tablespoon vanilla extract 
40 ml milk 
1 teaspoon red, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple food colours.  

For the cream cheese frosting

125 gms cream cheese 
50 gm yoghurt
1 tsp vanilla extract 
425 gms castor sugar

Let's get started:
1. For the sponge cake, preheat an oven at 170°C 
2. Next, grease all the six cake tin moulds with the soft butter.
3. In a food processor, blender or mixer, throw in the cream cheese, softened butter and sugar, and blend until they perfectly combine and reach a nice fluffy texture. Now, add the eggs, one at a time,  into the mix.
4. Next, add in the vanilla extract. 
5. Once the eggs have been incorporated into the batter, add in the flour and mix well. Slowly and carefully, pour in the milk into the mix.
6. Weigh the sponge mix and accordingly divide it into six equal batches in different bowls. Add different colours to each batch of the sponge cake mix.
7. Bake the cake sponge for around 40 minutes or as per instructions on the box. Once baked, set aside on the cooling rack. 
8. For the cream cheese frosting, use a hand blender to mix all the ingredients and then allow to cool in a refrigerator. 
9. To assemble, 
trim the edges of the all the coloured cake sponges so as to give each layer the same look.
10. Start stacking the cake with the purple coloured sponge, then apply a thin layer of frosting. Repeat the same process with the blue, green, yellow, orange and at last the red sponge. Once the layering is done, let chill for an hour. 
11. Apply a coat of frosting to fill all the holes and gaps, if any. Again let chill for at least an hour.
12. Once chilled, apply a second coat of frosting and dump into the refrigerator again for an hour. 

Image: Shutterstock


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