Say No to Processed Food: Chef Pankaj Bhadouria

The expert says, homemade meals are an excellent strategy to stay fit and save money.

Shraddha Varma

Celebrity chef Pankaj Bhadouria is well-known to television viewers as a talented home cook. In 2019, she’s trying to up the ante by putting the onus on local produce and healthy eating. “I feel today’s fast-paced life has families eating out more than ever. And this usually means less healthy and more processed food. Such eats may taste good and satisfy your hunger; however, in the long run, it may harm your health with the high fat, salt, and sugar content,” she explains.

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According to Bhadouria, it is important to revive the love for homemade meals in our country. “You are what you eat; hence, it is imperative people start taking their meals seriously—from the kind of products one chooses to the cooking method. When we prepare our own food, we know exactly what’s going into it and how it is being cooked. I believe that a nutritious diet, made using fresh ingredients and healthier cooking methods, combined with physical activity can help promote overall health. Plus, it can be an excellent strategy to add variety to your daily meals and save money,” she adds. Portion control is as important as eating right—keeping a check on the amount of food we consumes helps avoid mindless indulgences and control the calorie intake.

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In the second season of 3 Course with Pankaj, which the chef hosts, she will feature menus to cover the 29 states of India and their regional specialities. “Through extensive research, we explored food delights from each state of our country,” she says adding that the aim was to present regional ingredients/delicacies in a modern kitchen-friendly avatar. And therein lay her challenge“During our research, menu planning for a couple of states proved to be more challenging than others. For example, Sikkim didn’t have a host of desserts to choose from. We spoke to local restaurants and individuals to find out, but there was no luck.” The solution was to use local produce and create a dessert.

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Hosting is just an extension of who I am – a teacher. I enjoy teaching people, and, through 3 Course with Pankaj Season 2, I get to do that. That too, to a nationwide audience,” Bhadouria says of her experience in front of the camera. Apart from her ability and inherent need to share knowledge, she also mentions that it has been a wonderful learning experience. Research for the show introduced her to several ingredients, which she had either never heard of or never used before, case in point are bamboo shoots from Chhattisgarh and nakuki leaves from Manipur.

Going forward, the celebrity chef is planning to spend a major chunk of 2019 expanding her academy. 

Celebrity chef Pankaj Bhadouria is hosting the second season of 3 Course with Pankaj, a bi-weekly cooking show focused on simplifying daily menu planning, on LF.


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