Say Good-Bye To Theplas And Yes To These Travel-friendly Dishes

Bored of eating same-old theplas on every trip? Replace them with these delicious foods instead.

Priyanka Sharma

When it comes to packing food on our journeys, the only travel-friendly item that comes to our minds are theplas. This dish has earned the patent of being best friends with travel across India; and though it is undeniably tasty, we can’t bear it any longer. Keeping up with the spirit of the New Year, here are some new items that are as easy to make as theplas.

Tamarind Rice

This dish has its roots in South India. With Tamarind Rice in your bag, you will never miss home. Tamarind rice tastes yummy even if you have it without warming. The dish has a shelf life of a day or two, in room temperature, and stays even longer if the weather is cool. With ingredients like peanuts and curry leaves, tamarind rice is a healthy food option that you can carry while travelling.

Sweet Roti or



Ker Sangri

Say Good-Bye To Theplas And Yes To These Travel-friendly Dishes

Sweet Roti or dashmi is similar to regular rotis. The only twist is that the dough is knead with milk instead of water and oil. This helps in increasing the longevity of the rotis. The sweetness comes from few grains of sugar that are added while preparing the dough. These rotis go well with Ker Sangri. You can enjoy this combination until your stock lasts.



or Chickpeas

We would have loved to carry Chole Bhature on our trips if it were possible, but alas they spoil faster than the flight carrying us on our travels. However, you can definitely carry a snack made out of its main ingredient, i.e. channa or chickpeas. All you need to do is roast some chana with spices like red chilli powder and chat masala and you are good to go. This snack is a perfect answer to your odd-hours hunger call.

Fried or Boiled Potatoes with Herbs

Potato is loved by almost everyone. Hence, you don’t have to carry multiple options. Fry or boil them, add some herbs and carry it in an air-tight container. They don’t get stale for up to two days if packed well.


Almost all puris have a good shelf life. One can relish it with fried or boiled potatoes with herbs. One of the delicious options is misri puri or masala puri
. You can add fennel or celery seeds to aid digestion.
Also check out this Methi ki Puri recipe:
Say Good-Bye To Theplas And Yes To These Travel-friendly Dishes

Rajasthani Korma Pudi/Roti

Korma roti is prepared by adding moong dal to wheat flour. To make it tastier, spices are added to the mixture and knead with oil and water. Rajasthani korma pudis are a perfect substitute for theplas.

Dry Bhel or

Sukha Bhel

Bhel is a mixture of puffed rice (kurmura), farsan/chivda
and raw vegetables. Puffed rice stays crispy for long hours if it doesn’t come in contact with moisture. You can carry raw veggies like tomatoes, lemons, onions and cucumbers to add to the puffed rice to make it yummy and healthy.
Here's a recipe for healthy high-protein bhel puri:
Say Good-Bye To Theplas And Yes To These Travel-friendly Dishes


Anyone who lives abroad will be able to explain durability of laddus! Though everyone wiped it off the moment the parcel is opened, because of the taste factor. But, the ladus of Rava, Besan
and Sesame stays for months, if stored well.
Try this Besan Laddu recipe:
Say Good-Bye To Theplas And Yes To These Travel-friendly Dishes

Poha Chivda

You can either buy poha chivda from stores or prepare it at home. The snack is prepared with minimal oil and unlike other snacks, it will not make you feel bloated.


Mathri is a crunchy and scrumptious snack. One can make variants of it by just adding different ingredients like fenugreek seeds, red chilli powder, coriander masala or any other preferred flavour.


If you have some extra number of rotis left before you leave your home, you can always make khakras out of it. Pack dry chutneys to enjoy along with it.

Makhane or Lotus Seeds or Fox Nuts

Makhane, Lotus Seeds or Fox Nuts are very full of proteins. Sauté them in ghee with some chilli powder. Carry it in an airtight container and it will stay till the end of your trip.

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God Papdi

God papdi Gujarati sweet dish made out of sugar, ghee and wheat flour. God papdi is a must-have if you are going to cold a destination as it helps to keep your body warm.

Golden rules to follow while packing travel foods:

  • Store in airtight containers or bags.
  • Cool the food before packing.
  • Avoid contact with moisture to increase its shelf life.

Some of the healthy options suggested by Nutritionist Hena Nafiz, founder of Nutrience clinic and Eat Good Food café are: granola bars, almond barfi, chikki, and energy balls (made of different seeds, oats, nuts, jaggery and honey).
To add to the list, Monish Joukani, from Monisha Joukani Holistic Nutrition at Bandra shares, “Dal paratha, oats chivda, masala whole wheat pita crisps, bajra roti, rajgira chikki, oats & sesame cracker, dry fruits bars (of anjeer and badam or date and walnuts), Panjiri (made of whole wheat, ghee and nuts) and Sindhi koki are some items that can be easily prepared at home that will stay fresh for days on the road.”

Happy journey!



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