Sante Spa In Pune Is Healthy, Holistic And Hatke

Sante Spa’s cuisine in Pune's Koregaon Park is for those with a yen for healthy food that is nevertheless choc-a bloc with creativity and good taste.

Kalyani Sardesai

Before we launch into the many reasons why you ought to be visiting Sante Spa on your next trip to Pune, here's the one reason you shouldn't. Foodies alert: this restaurant isn't for classicists who like meat in their steak and maida in their pizzas, sugar in their beverages and full fat in their dessert.

However, if you are someone who values taste unencumbered by overpowering spices and preservatives, an environment constructed entirely out of eco-friendly material and a menu that features organic food with an assortment of pure vegetarian foods, multi-grains, nuts and nut milk, seeds and salad's, this is just what the Gods of good dining (ok, we made that up but you get the drift) ordered.

Tucked in a quiet corner of Sunderbans Complex in the vicinity of the famous Osho commune, Sante's Spa Cuisine boasts a decor that is a quietly elegant in green and white. The seating is outdoor, though covered. What catches the eye is that everything is made from eco-friendly material, be it the wooden furniture, the neem wood plates and cutlery to the soup bowls made of stone and the pretty little herb garden, each detail is in place.

The brainchild of fitness enthusiast and nature lover Sonal Barmecha, the restaurant's eclectic menu has been brought to life by chef Shailendra Kakade.

Meet the menu

From multi-grain breads and cookies (available for sale on the counter) to a host of delicious preparations with quinoa, including upma and Mediterranean salad with cranberries and walnuts, the utterly refreshing hummus in flavors of beetroot and spinach to the smoothies made of fresh fruit, nut milk and seeds to the hearty soups like the tomato broth and Tibetan thukpa; each option is unique. Plus, the sheer variety of delicious salads just does not seem to end. Delicately flavored with the freshest fruits and veggies, the Sante menu is a study in understatement and nuance. What's more, even in subsequent visits the taste does not pale. The less adventurous need not fret as there are plenty of bakes and grills to keep them going. Though the restaurant is not entirely gluten free, there is no dearth of yummy options in that category.

Our personal favourite would have to be the Farm Fresh Pizza with a stiff nachni base and chopped up veggies and the soya steak with Pineapple salsa (heck, it looks real. Another winner would have to be the Bajra Risotto with spinach, cream and beans and the colourful, vegetable spaghetti.

Then there are the guilt-free desserts and low-fat cakes that don't seem to compromise on the flavour.

A meal for two would be upwards of Rs. 1500. And yes, the portions are generous.


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