Salvage a Messy Cake With These Expert Hacks

How to keep your cake from sticking to the cake pan

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Each time you try your hand at baking, do you end up with a disaster instead of a fluffy cake? After all that time, effort and patience, there is nothing more crushing than opening the oven to find your cake in a mess! Maybe you are not greasing the pan well or maybe you are using the wrong ingredients for greasing. If the thought of baking your next batch makes you want to hit the panic button, then these baking hacks are just what you need. Chefs from some of the most popular bakeries and cake shops around town reveal helpful tips to salvage a ruined cake.



If your cake gets stuck to the pan, add some moisture to it by steaming it out. How do you do that? Take some boiling water in a mug and place it in an enclosed space (like a switched off microwave or empty drawer) with the cake pan. Leave them be for a few minutes. After this when you try to remove the cake from the pan again, you will see that the steam trapped in the cake makes it easier for it to leave the mould.
If not steaming, the other way is to wrap a dishcloth soaked in hot water around the cake pan for a few minutes. Deeksha Shetty, Chef Proprietor, CocoaMaya Patisserie suggests running a knife along the sides of the cake and then placing the tin in the oven for a few seconds. This will loosen the sides and de-mold it  

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Salvage a Messy Cake With These Expert Hacks


Another way to avoid the crumbly mess is to wrap the cake pan with plastic wrap and tossing it into the freezer for about six hours. Then run a butter knife around the edges, tap the base after holding the pan upside down to break it loose from the pan. One thing to remember when using this hack is to first allow the cake to cool at room temperature before you place it in the freezer.

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Pry it Out

You can pry the cake out using a knife to loosen the sides. "If your cake is stuck to the pan, you can easily fix it by prying the sides of the cake loose with a butter knife. Then, slide a flexible spatula under the cake to pry the bottom free. Once it's free from the pan, flip the cake over and shake it onto a serving plate, tapping the bottom of the pan if necessary," says Patisserie Chef at The Bakerie at The Shalimar Hotel, Kemps Corner.


If your cake has crumbled into small pieces, you can simply change your plans and put together a whole different piece of dessert. "In case your cake has completely lost its shape, you could convert it into a sizzling fudge dessert. Serve it in a pan by crumbling the whole cake and placing it in a bakeware dish. Throw in some dry fruits, marshmallows, prunes or dates. Dollop this sinful mixture with a rich chocolate ganache and a drizzle of caramel sauce. Serve it warm on the pan along with some vanilla ice cream to complete the dish. Another option is that you could cover the stuck cake with some lovely ganache, sandwich it or make it a petit four in order to change the presentation of the cake," says Chef Rakhee Vaswani.

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Salvage a Messy Cake With These Expert Hacks

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