#SaltBae Is 2017’s First Internet Sensation

Read on to know why the butcher turned into such a hit


New year, new Internet sensations. There’s something different about this one though. He’s a Turkish chef whose love for meat and erotic salt sprinkling have catapulted him to cult status on the web. He is lovingly referred to as SaltBae by fans although his real name is Nusret Gokce. He co-owns a popular steakhouse called Nusr-et visited by such people as Anthony Bourdain and Tommy Hilfiger among others. Nusret was fairly well-known in local circles but his unique salt sprinkling style has now landed him fans from across the world. Here is what made him so popular in 2017:

Ottoman steak

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To be fair, Nusret has been sprinkling salt from his elbow in his artful-yet-carefree way for a while but once the Internet found him this month, they refused to let him be. Moreover, his love for meat has also been well-documented by his fans. From the way he slaps his steaks to minces meat like it was onion, the Internet pretty much lost its mind over him.

Et giren yere mutluluk girer dedi

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Here’s a compilation of all his videos that earned him his nickname #SaltBae

Check out some memes SaltBae has inspired.

When u live with #saltbae aka @vaibhav.talwar !!! #lol #lunch #servicewithsalt #awesomesauce

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When meat is love #saltbae

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If you ask him, Nusret will tell you that his salt sprinkling is his way of blessing the meat. Nevertheless, the man’s got swag, you gotta give it to him. And of course, remember his name - #SaltBae


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