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Sayoni Bhaduri

Riding high on the success of Detective Pikachu! (2019) and Once Upon A Deadpool (2018) heartthrob and actor Ryan Reynolds has released a new advertisement for his gin brand, Aviation American Gin. Reynolds has introduced a limited-edition gin with his signature engraved on the bottle. The ad is a humourous take on Reynold’s ‘dedication’ to the gin brand.

PS: We can’t wait for Aviation gin to come to India!

The ad could not have been better timed, released four days before the celebrations for World Gin Day 2019 kickstart. Keeping in mind the stupendous growth gin consumption and popularity has seen in India, we decided to take a look at some of India’s bars that do exceptional work with gin. Whether it is house-made infusions, an exciting gin menu, just solid and good cocktails or just good old G&T, these are the bars in India we would happily settle at.

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Juniper Bar, Andaz Delhi

Delhi’s Aerocity is home to Andaz Delhi, which within it holds one of India’s most exciting gin bar, Juniper Bar. Appropriately named after the botanical that defines gin as the spirit it is, Juniper Bar, has an extensive collection of gin. The highlight of the bar are the 39 gin  infusions that are designed to highlight juniper, created in collaboration with London Bar Consultants, an international hospitality consultancy.
To celebrate World Gin Day, Juniper Bar has introduced a new drinks menu from June 6-30, 2019. new menu includes the Juneberry, a twist on the gin classic Martinez using an Cherry Blossom gin, and the Paradise Valley, which uses kahwa tea in the infusion. There is also a week-long gin festival, where patrons can indulge in gin tasting sessions, showcase of the new cocktail menu along with a host of other exclusive gin-based experiences.

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Toast & Tonic, Bengaluru and Mumbai

Inspired by New York’s East Side Village, two outposts of Toast & Tonic aims to culminate local inspirations and ingredients in a menu that is international. The restaurants have been true evangelists when it comes to promotion and popularity of gins. Toast & Tonic goes back to apothecary-style cocktails where homemade tinctures, infusions and even tonic water feature prominently. Their chief bartender, John Lesse has even created refreshed and new range of G&Ts, flavoured tonics and cocktails.

Incidentally, to celebrate World Gin Day, Toast & Tonic is hosting a ‘Gintastic Weekend’ from June 7-9, 2019. Leese and Chef Chirag Makwana have collaborated to create two gin-soaked menus including cocktails such as Caught in a Jam with gin shaken with lime and homemade pomelo jam, lemon juice and simple syrup, garnished with jam toast and No Thyme, No Reason; a julep with basil and thyme home-made syrup, Angostura Bitters, lemon, orange and gin served over crushed ice with fresh basil and a sprig of thyme. The selection on the food menu includes the vegetarian Leek And Mushroom Croquettes served with lemon peel aioli, Salmon On Toast-  juniper cured Salmon on sourdough toast with a gin hollandaise and 8 Hour Braised Lamb Leg  served with glazed carrots, barley, wheat berry and green peppercorn jus.

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Gin Bar by Jyran, Sofitel Mumbai BKC

The newest haunt for gin lovers in Mumbai, Gin Bar by Jyran, Sofitel Mumbai BKC has an impressive collection of imported and Indian gins, which have been sourced from 11 countries with over seven-flavoured and five classic types of spirits that are infused with an array of special garnishes, apart from new-age gin cocktails and much-loved classics, served by talented BarChefs. The aim of the bar is to offer gin aficionados a fine collection of authentic gin-flavoured cocktails and much-loved gin and tonic classic pairings by top-notch local and international brands.

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Dashanzi, JW Marriott Mumbai, Juhu

JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu’s Asian restaurant, Dashanzi, is a favourite with gin lovers of the city simply because it has continued, like its predecessor, to give home to some of most exotic gins at its bar. They were one of the firsts in the city to serve Gin & Tonics in fish bowl-style stemmed glassware that is now a rage across Mumbai.

SAZ American Brasserie, Delhi

This American brasserie comes from the folks who’ve made a name for themselves just on the success of speakeasy PCO and ATM in the national capital. And if the name, Sazerac—named after a classic cocktail from New Orleans—is anything to go by, cocktails are indeed a high point. A quick glance at their menu is enough to leave the gin lover in you more than happy. With more than 10 varieties of gin on their shelf, the bar also has some southern American gin cocktails that reinstate your faith in creative bartending.

Dandy The Fio Bar, Delhi

Inspired by dandelion, the flower, the bar is a space that you are bound to have a good time. The bar is a clean and modern at the same time it makes you feel comfortable and at home. Apart from other spirits, gin finds itself in the limelight in Dandy’s menu including curious drinks such as London Dry Betel with betel leaf in the drink, Hey Juniper!, which uses elderflower infused gin as well as house infused gins with homemade cordials and kombucha.

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The Reservoire, Bengaluru

Recently listed as one of Asia’s top bar by Tales of the Cocktail 2019 Spirited Awards, The Reservoire is an unpretentious space that only wants to welcome like-minded people in the need of unwinding. With an array of flavourful gin cocktails, both classic and modern, as well as a variety of in brands, there is a drink to satiate everyone who comes to the bar.

Sly Granny, Bengaluru and Delhi

From the team behind the success of Mamagoto, Sly Granny is a combination of eccentricities and modern temperament it is a space for discerning guests. A community space with a fun bar, Sly Granny allows for film screenings, an arts collective, philosophy club, book exchange and other quirky activities. To discuss their gin offerings, the menu may seem limited but keeping in mind the eclectic ambience, the bartender is sure to whip you up a customised drink.

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