#RubyChocolate is Trending. Here’s Why

Welcome the fourth type of chocolate that is pink, fruity and unique


So far, there’s dark, white and milk chocolate. We are guessing that in a bid to please millennial pink lovers, Swiss company Barry Callebaut AG has invented Ruby Chocolate. This new chocolate variant is, as you guessed, rosy-pink; comes from Ruby cocoa bean that grows in countries like Ecuador, Brazil and the Ivory Coast, and tastes fruity and unique, or as the producers describe, “is an intense sensorial delight”.

The new unusual but natural colour comes from the red cacao powder extracted during the processing of Ruby cocoa beans. Refuting any claims that there are additives in this chocolate, the Zurich-based confectionery company said in a press release, “…it is not bitter, milky or sweet, but a tension between berry fruitiness and luscious smoothness… To create Ruby chocolate, no berries or berry flavour, nor colour, is added.” While other companies are producing red cocoa powder, this is the first-time natural reddish chocolate has been produced.

This breakthrough by the Swiss company, which is one of the largest cocoa producers and grinders in the world, comes after white chocolate was invented in the ’30s by Nestle. The food scientists at Barry Callebaut AG worked on the development of this new pink-hued chocolate for over a decade. Though ruby cocoa beans could be found in different parts of the world, Barry Callebaut AG is the first and only company so far that has been able to turn them into chocolate bars through a sophisticated process.

From the photos that we have seen so far, we are quite excited about this new natural coloured fourth variant of chocolate. But we’re told that chocolate lovers will have to wait at least half a year until it hits the stores. Until then, let’s fantasise about the desserts that will be whipped up with this delicious rosy tint, and wait for it to add that pop of colour to our Instagram feed.

Image courtesy: Barry Callebaut AG


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