Review: Woodside Inn’s 10th Anniversary Raises a Toast to Local Brews

There’s a new beer and burger festival in town!


Beer and burger—a combination that will never go out of style. To celebrate their 10th anniversary, Woodside Inn is hosting a decadent festival with an extensive menu of freshly flipped burgers with interesting flavour combinations, and handpicked craft beers.

What’s hot

Note: Of the 10 burgers on offer, seven are non-vegetarian, so it may seem a bit unfair, but we can vouch that the vegetarian ones are delish.


In fact, our favourite from the menu is the Shroom Feast (INR 645). The parmesan crusted Portobello mushroom patty was crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside, topped with a slight truffle essence and cheese that was velvety, placed in between the gorgeous beetroot bun—rich in natural colour and flavour. French fries as accompaniment is too passé, so the burger came with fresh sweet potato chips and a healthy salad of kale and pomegranate— enriching the combo with nutrition, no extra push-ups in the gym required.

But what will require an hour in the gym is the loaded Lush Moroccan Lamb (INR 565) set on multigrain bun. Morocco is known for its spices and it was no surprise that this patty was whet with flavours of various spices, the predominant being the African Ras el hanout—the kind that politely swirls in your mouth without having to be extinguished with water—spiced to perfection. The zartar spiced potato wedges was a welcome add-on.


The Vegan Debauchery (INR 565) with its black rice and edamame beans patty offered a creamy texture with roasted cashew cheese. The Crab Carnival (INR 645) in black buns, slathered with sriracha mayo did a little celebration in our mouth, though we would have loved a little more crab meat in there, but the complementing prawn crackers made this a complete seafood meal.


But hold your horses—if you are a meat lover, then pig out on the Gluttonous Pig (INR 565). The name is a disclaimer in itself; order this heavy-duty burger when you are starving. The juices, impeccably ground meat, seasonings, it was all a treasure just waiting to be bitten into. The Le Boeuf Decadence (INR 595) deserves a mention too for the unconventional but happy union of roast chicken and scarmoza cheese, with witnesses of beer-battered onion rings, cole slaw, parmesan rosemary fries and homemade mustard—YUM YUM!

We washed all this down with happy sips of Four Grain Saison (INR 445 for 500 ml) that had well-rounded bitterness and Mr Jekyll wheat ale (INR 445 for 500 ml) which was quite intense – a far cry from ‘soothing’ as described in the menu. The notes of mango, pineapple and peach gave this brew a pleasant smell and after-taste.

What’s not

Apple cider (INR 445 for 500 ml)—something that not too many places get wrong, but this one was overly sweet, and we have had better ones at other local breweries. We are sitting on the fence with regards to Black Mamba (INR 445 for 500 ml), though its colour was gorgeous and this chocolate oat stout raised our expectations with its creamy texture enhanced with dark chocolate and coffee, the taste did not hit the right notes.


The Black Fowl (INR 565) with its teriyaki chicken patty wasn’t succulent enough though it had generous amount of sauce, while the Rooster Relish (INR 565), swathed in red cabbage sauerkraut and chipotle mayo, had seasonings that didn’t quite blend well.

Our verdict

4 on 5. Full points for the interesting food pairings, but an ouch on the price.

What, where, when

10th Annual Beer and Burger Festival at Woodside Inn (Colaba, Lower Parel and Andheri) from 20th July, 2017 to 27th August, 2017


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