Review: When In Pune, Make It A Point To Visit Coco

What started as a members-only club has now transformed into a great dining place with 180-degree views of Pune to give you company

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Coco - Sushi & Bar opened in May 2017 as a members-only club and Japanese restaurant.  I called up for a reservation on a Tuesday evening and ‘stags not allowed in the club area’ said the man at the other end.  I wanted to experience the cuisine so the reservation was accepted for the restaurant side.  I reached on time only to find myself as the only person in the entire space and it was the case till I left an hour and half later. The whole stag concept is so rigid and stupid I thought to myself! Nonetheless, the empty space spoilt me for a choice seat and I took a private dining area overlooking the city from the 12th floor. 


My expectations drop when I see empty spaces, however the Miso soup with Tofu and seaweed portrayed the salinity of the sea and the lingering Umami raised my expectations again for the evening. The Wild Mushroom Sushi Rolls studded with Tongarashi spice was delightful and so were the Seasame Salmon rolls and the flavorsome Tuna nigiri. The decadent edamame and truffle dumpling lit up our evening more with the perfect skin and aromatic insides. For the hot appetizers, the fried Silken Tofu with Ponzu is a must try and the Classic Tempuras are delightful.  The Burmese Khowsuey and the Ramen bowls are good comfort food items on the menu. Don’t forget to try their creamy Wasabi Ice-cream!


The drinks menu is strictly done for the nightclub format. There is a select choice of the ‘classic’ spirits and beers and by the bottle pricing. There are no cocktails or wines on the menu. We skipped drinks.


The place has a dark theme, black speckled with gold more with the glass-walled building offering 180-degree views of the city. The air-conditioning was not effective despite it being a nippy Pune night; the staff confirmed that the AC was working, unsure how it would be on a packed night.  The plush couch seating or the high table and chair seating is comfortable and the place has enough floor space for people to let their hair down on a party night.


The quite night was a boon as I had a wonderful meal which offered good value, finesse and quality. I am not sure if I would have the same dining experience on loud and crowded nights. The food is 5/5 and the overall experience was a 4.

Ajit Balgi is a wine connoisseur and founder of The Happy High. Images from restaurant's Facebook page. 


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