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Café Delhi Heights (CDH) is a comfort food chain in Delhi that popularized the humongous Juicy Lucy Burger that is served American-style with a steak knife piercing through its gooey cheesy heart of a chicken patty.

So, this is not exactly a place you would expect would host a promotion of healthy superfoods, but surprise, surprise! Their Superyum Superfoods menu that is currently available at the Sangam Courtyard outlet of CDH, is an attempt to create awareness and demonstrate the simple ways in which superfoods can find their way onto your plate.

Puffed grain salad and Sabja Lemonade

Designed by nutritionist and author Kavita Devgan, the menu is presented in a booklet, and lists 25 superfoods that Kavita wanted to use in this promotion, along with their health benefits. There are the usual suspects that are popular in Indian households—amaranth, quinoa and flax seeds—Devgan has also used ingredients like raw onion, green chillies, cumin, cucumber, eggs, chickpeas, beetroot, walnuts and pumpkin that are extremely commonplace, yet super healthy. Did you know that raw onions have a great detoxifying effect on our body? Or that chickpeas are packed with antioxidants, decrease cholesterol and trigylcerides and lower the risk of breast cancer and osteoporosis? The Superfoods menu also uses international fare such as salmon, miso and seaweed.

Quinoa encrusted salmon

The promotion challenges the idea that superfoods tend to be boring. “We have created dishes in which superfoods are the stars, hence the 25 superfoods that I have listed are proffered in 15 items including drinks, soups, salad, mains and dessert. And although we’re not promoting it as a weight loss menu, we have ensured that the calorie count of all the dishes is within 500,” shares Kavita.

Dishes like quinoa crusted salmon, miso soup with seaweed or trinity halwa use a few superfoods together in one dish, elevating the ‘superpower’ of each dish. Keeping the season in mind, there are refreshing drinks like the masala sattu and sabja lemonade. They are cooling, refreshing, hydrating and taste so good that we make an instant note to replicate them at home. Easy, since the menu (booklet) contains all the recipes and is for you to keep!

Trinity Halwa

While there are comfort foods like scrambled egg on rye bread, brown rice biryani and egg roti burritos, the puffed grains salad and quinoa kheer are truly innovative. Crunchy grains like amaranth, puffed rice and bajra have been zinged up like a chaat with a green mango chutney.

A fabulous way to get a taste of good health!

Café Delhi Heights, R.K. Puram, New Delhi
Phone: 011 2618 0291


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