Review: The Flour Works Is Worth A Visit

Go for the breakfast, stay for the rest of the menu

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Located in the upscale area of Kalyani nagar, The Flour Works is a deli bar and bistro that provides some much-needed option for some continental fare in the vicinity. The place is frequented by a lot by expats, which speaks well about it.


The place opens for breakfast and goes on all day. Given their menu, a breakfast there is on cards, the variants of the Benedict should be on your eat-list.  The other selection includes sandwiches, appetisers, soups, salads, pizza, pasta, risottos, mains and dessert.  The garlic and parmesan soup was redolent of parmesan with garlic at the fore and the bacon scented potato and leek soup was comforting. The cauliflower fritters came overtly salted after a 25-minute wait. However, the new portion that took another 15 minutes tasted spectacular making the wait less painful. The classic prawns in lemon butter and the scallops in a fruity wine sauce passed muster with flying colours. The grilled goat cheese with figs and rucola was a beautiful combination as well. The spinach and mushroom crepes were good and the grilled chicken with the spicy glazed was cooked well.


The drinks menu comprises a selection of wines and beer. The wine list is functional and crowd pleasing with enough Indian choices and entry level international wines with focus on Cabernet, Merlot and Shiraz in reds and Sauvignon, Chenin and Chardonnay in whites. The beer selection has some twists with tequila and bourbon flavoured beers. Trivia on the history of food and alcohol strategically placed in both the food and beverage sections make for an interesting read.


The outdoor section is more popular but the indoors is where we felt more comfortable. The large bay windows with sheer drapes, chandeliers, the painting on the wall and the book shelf gives it a very drawing room feel and exudes a sense of calm. However, it often interrupted by the barking of orders in the pantry, just behind the dessert show fridge.


This lets the restaurant down a bit. The service is not attentive as the boys flock together with the service being more reactive than proactive. I asked for water twice; it was refilled and then I stopped and they didn’t bother. No apology for the salty Cauliflower, they just seemed indifferent to it and made it seem like a regular affair.


The Flour Works impress with their food overall and ambience. However, if they bring up their service, the eatery can be a worthy opponent. It’s 4.5 on food, 4 on ambience and 3 on service and an overall 4. The place is worth going back for more food and their breakfast menu.

Ajit Balgi is a wine connoisseur and founder of The Happy High. Images from restaurant's Facebook page. 


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