Review: The 13 Best Dog-friendly Cafés in Mumbai

Paw-some cafés and restaurants to hang out with your furry friend


Does your furry bestie pull out those heart-melting puppy-dog eyes every time you get dressed to go out? The good news is that you can now take them with you to one of these eateries that are dog-friendly and have been tried and tested by pet parents that we trust.

  1. Doolally Taproom: All outlets (Andheri, Bandra and Colaba) of this brewery allow canines. Dog-owners can walk into the pub and take a table inside or choose to sit in the open-air section. Pranita Balar, canine behavourist and owner of Bark N Bond shared, “I have had one of my best experiences at Doolally because the staff interacts with the dogs, and offers them boiled chicken.” So, your pooch doesn’t have to go hungry while you’re socialising.
    Cost for two: INR 1,800
  2. Gostana: This is one of the first dog-friendly cafés in Mumbai and their in-house Labrador, named Apple, is their USP, who will greet you as you enter the Khar-based eatery and moves around as well for free petting. Dog owner Romila Vaz said, “I have taken my golden retriever Casper to this café several times, and he loves it there, playing with the other dogs. Although, at times, the place tends to be cramped for space.”
    Cost for two: INR 800
  3. Bagel Shop: “The staff here is friendly and interacts with the dogs that visit, and always makes for a good experience,” Balar expressed. The café is close to Bandra Bandstand which pooches frequent for their morning and evening walks. We have noticed that the owners then head to Bagel Shop for breakfast or to enjoy their bagels, smoothies and sandwiches, while the dogs enjoy themselves in the open patio dotted with plants.
    Cost for two: INR 1,000
  4. Revival: This vegetarian restaurant overlooking the Girgaon Chowpatty beach is known for their thalis and your fluffy friend can grab a bite too. “It offers vegetarian delights like paneer and carrots,” points out Balar. Your dog should be leashed though.
    Cost for two: INR 1,000
  5. Café Moshe’s: The Juhu branch of this Mediterranean café allows dogs in their courtyard (not inside, unfortunately). “I often head to Moshe’s for a hearty breakfast after a post-beach session with Heidi, my Labrador retriever,” said Balar. “They give water in take-away containers too, on request,” she added, which I am sure is a must after an active morning at the beach.
    Cost for two: INR 1,200
  6. Zoo Bar: This bar in Vile Parle allows you to bring your furry friend between 2-7pm, unless you have booked the place for your pooch’s birthday party. In which case, we are told that the chef will whip up cakes for your pet and his/her friends. “I sat in the open area of the bar with Casper, though he was confused with the life-sized animal cut-outs at the watering hole. I noticed at the entrance that there’s a board that lets you stick photos and flyers for adoption appeals, and one unfortunate lost dog case. It’s a thoughtful idea,” said Vaz.
    Cost for two: INR 1,500
  7. The Village Shop: This quaint and cosy place tucked away in a bylane in Bandra offers mostly outdoor seating in their alfresco section, but your pets will definitely like all the greens around and the fresh air. “What I liked about this place was that the staff was friendly and accommodating and kept checking on us if Casper needed anything. The food for the humans was also a delight,” admits Vaz.
    Cost for two: INR 1,200

  8. Tea Trails Café: The spacious Vile Parle outlet of this café chain allows pets in their alfresco area and the staff is friendly. “I have been to this café just once, and while the ambience was pleasant and the staff was courteous, there were too many smokers in the outdoor section and that was inconvenient for us. If only they had a separate smoking section so that Coco and I didn’t have to passive smoke,” shares Anindita Banerjee, pet parent to a cocker spaniel.
    Cost for two: INR 650
  9. Leaping Windows Café: If you’re a comic lover and a pet parent, then this place in Yari road (Andheri) lets you indulge both your passions. “The place has been done up well, and the welcoming staff made sure we were comfortable. I was a bit disappointed with their food, but Coco made a few friends, so all is forgiven,” Banerjee confesses.
    Cost for two: INR 1,300
  10. The Waterhouse Deli: This casual dining restaurant in Thane is spacious and offers plenty of outdoor seating and is perfect for large groups. Banerjee visited this deli with a large group and had a pleasant experience, “till a cat rushed passed and unsettled Coco, but the staff was on the ball to bring her some water and interact, rather distract her.”
    Cost for two: INR 1,200
  11. Café Verve: The lake-view American diner in Thane is well-lit and simple in terms of décor. “Most restaurants and cafés allow dogs only in their outdoor seating area or during a particular time, but at Café Verve, your furry friends are allowed indoors and at all times. That’s what I loved best about this café,” Banerjee acknowledges.
    Cost for two: INR 800
  12. Brunch N Munch: Although this place isn’t listed to be pet-friendly, but I walked into this breakfast-speciality café while I was strolling in the Orlem neighbourhood in Malad with my fur baby, Ringo, and spotted two pugs there. The staff escorted me to the table next to the pugs, and offered water in a takeaway container for Ringo. The breakfast was delicious.
    Cost for two: INR 600
  13. Woodside Inn: The Andheri branch of this popular eatery allows your furry companion to dine with you between 11:30 am to 5:30pm in their alfresco section. During my visit, I carried Ringo’s food and he ate under my table with no objection from the staff.
    Cost for two: INR 2000

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    Creative by Vartika Pahuja


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