Review: Mango Tree Is A Worthy Thai Restaurant

Bangkok-based international chain Mango Tree has launched its maiden outlet in India. Here’s what you can expect from the brand at its Mumbai outpost

Mango Tree at Juhu isn’t much to look at. The plush interiors designed by UK design firm Black Sheep is divided into three sections – a lounge area where you can enjoy a cocktail (alcohol license is still not in place) and Thai-style tapas, a dining section and a private dining room. A casual, relaxed vibe flows unimpeded through the space.


What’s Hot: Mango Tree is famed for its Thai dishes with a creative twist and artistic presentation. Consider the starter dish called Crisp Fried Morning Glory. The spicy coconut and chili jam dressing adds freshness and punch to the fritters. Skip the regular Pad Thai, Som Tam and spicy Tom Yum for the Banana Blossom Salad served with toasted coconut. Spices dance and dazzle in the salad but not so much that the main element cannot be identified. 

The slow-roasted pork ribs with spicy tamarind sauce emerged equally triumphantly from the kitchen. This is where spice meets and greets char. 

Poo Phad Phong Karee, whole crab in a velvety yellow curry, is a thing of beauty to look at, ruffle up, lay on the jasmine rice and eat. It’s one of the most expensive dishes on the menu, but also the one that proves there’s some serious talent in the kitchen.

Thai food is partial to non-vegetarians but the vegetarians will eat well at Mango Tree. The Paneer Satay drizzled with Thai herbs is a winner on all counts. The delicately spiced and aromatic long beans in red curry paste is an ode to vegetables and will show you how to appreciate the humble beans as you’ve never appreciated beans before. The liquor license isn’t here yet but the mocktails are worth indulging in. The Coco Loco with fresh coconut water, chia seeds and water chestnuts was refreshingly cool. So Thai, the dessert of water chestnut rubies with coconut ice cream and jackfruit slivers, is everything you want from a dessert including comfort and joy. 

What’s Not: The Thai fish cakes lacked any taste of the red curry paste or kafir leaves as advertised in the menu. The soggy deep-fried patty died somewhere along the journey from the kitchen to the table.   

Where: Horizon Hotel, 3rd floor, 37 Juhu beach, Opposite Juhu Church, Juhu, Mumbai. Tel: 8655551277

Cost: Rs 3500 for two


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars



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