Review: Let’s Take A Moment To Hail Lord of the Drinks

With a bar menu this elaborate, there’s an option for everyone


When a pub is named Lord of the Drinks (LOTD), you would expect a comprehensive bar menu. And LOTD delivers with its wide-ranging appetisers list too. Molecular gastronomy, presentation, mixing of unlikely ingredients—this place promises the whole shebang. For mains, it offers some staples from various cuisines—think tacos, sandwiches, biryani, noodles, pasta—covering all its bases. The dessert menu, too, is innovative and had fusion elements.

When we walked in, we were amazed at how massive the space was—generous and comfortable seating on two floors, an island bar and an outdoor section for hookah lovers. The plates were pop-coloured with skulls printed on them—quirky. Here’s what we thought about the food:

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What’s hot

From the house specials, a special mention goes to the Harry Potter-inspired Butterbeer and the Apple Foamintni.

The former was smooth and creamy, and the latter was a visual treat—the mint and blue curacao foam on top of the concoction of vodka, green apple liqueur, lime juice and elder flower syrup was served to us in a fishbowl martini, while resting on a bowl of dry ice for smoky visual effect. The drink was potent and the flavours were well balanced. The hero on the bar menu and what got us happy was the unsuspecting Mint Papaya Rita—a margarita of very fresh papaya juice, tequila, mint leaves and sugar mix; every sip was delightful and fresh. The gola-like centre kept the drink chilled and didn’t melt, hence not diluting this cocktail.

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Incorporating the best from every cuisine, the menu has a little Italian, Mexican, South Indian, Chinese, Mughlai and Spanish. The more-than-sufficient Mezze Platter (INR 515) fulfilled our initial hunger pangs. The falafel was crispy and piping hot—fresh out of the kitchen. The bite-sized pita bread was soft. What caught the attention of our taste buds were the three dips: hummus, tzatziki and muhammara—the flavours were on point. They also threw in come pickled veggies and fattoush salad. What did a tango in our mouth were the unconventional Bamboo Shoot and Chestnut Kebabs (INR 435), Chukandar (smoked beetroot) Kebabs (INR 435) and the quintessential Galouti Kebabs (INR 495), all served on mini Malabari Paratha that melted in our mouths. Special points on the yummy seasonal fruits chutney accompaniment.

The handsome portions and the taste of the veg (INR 845) and non-veg (INR 955) Tandoori platters were impressive in equal measure. On the one hand, there was paneer, mushroom, broccoli and potatoes, and on the other there was fish, chicken and mutton—all were well-marinated (basil pesto, achari, malai and the works), tender and joyfully appetising. The Chicken Tikka Bruschetta (INR 445) was smoky and creamy.

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After over-indulging with cocktails and appetisers, we managed to make room for mains by taking a short break. During this time, we danced to the tunes belted out by the DJ, like many of other patrons at the pub. Then we craved for some comfort food and called for the Triple Rice Veg (INR 395). The oriental vegetable gravy served with rice and a side of kimchi, was sprinkled with fried noodles. This was subtle and delish with every spoon, and the fried goodness added crunch to every bite.

While good things come to those who wait, we were put to the test towards the end of the night. While our drinks and food came in good time, we had to wait for almost half an hour for our desserts. But these sweet joys that finally landed on our table made up for the delay. The Paan Ice Cream Martini (INR 285) is a flavoursome cross between a mouth freshener and dessert. The Malpua Lasagna with French Toast (INR 385) had a pleasant cinnamon aftertaste and was layered with fruits, but the French Toast was avoidable. Both the desserts were delicious and delivered on textural experience and innovation.

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What’s not

The Smoked Chocolate Martini and Smoked Sangria were both disappointing. Since we are chocolate lovers and love our wine too, these drinks weren’t up to the mark. Just like all smoke and no fire, the smoky effect of the sangria was temporary and once that faded, we were left with a plain glass of red wine—no smoky aftertaste and no fruits or flavourings. We would have preferred more chocolate in our martini to give a tough competition to the alcohol, which was clearly overpowering.

The Thai Ginger Fiery Chicken Balls (INR 465) were too damp for us and lacked the much-needed crunch, while the Chhote ka Biryani (INR 525) was the usual run-of-the-mill mutton Biryani with a fancy presentation.

Verdict: 4 on 5 because it isn’t too pocket-friendly.

Photographs by Priyanka Sharma


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