Review: Indigo Deli Goes The Small Plates Way

At its latest outpost in Juhu, the brand looks to reinvent itself for the young crowd

Priyanko Sarkar

You wouldn’t expect Indigo to go the tapas way. But the restaurant chain’s newest chain offers exactly that experience. There is even a lounge and bar area if you prefer being seated there. All of this sits slightly unexpectedly on Indigo Deli’s longtime patrons. According to the management though, change is in the air. It’s latest outpost in Juhu is the chain’s ninth branch in Mumbai and 12th overall.

A few of the deli’s old favourites have been retained in the menu but overall there is a clear push towards attracting the newer generation. Director Anurag Katriar said that the chain needs to innovate aggressively now. “When we started in 1999, Indigo was in a trend-defining space. Today, two decades later we can’t rest on our laurels. Hence, we’re trying newer formats such as the small plates menu at Juhu,” he said.

In a first, the cocktail menu is curated by India’s first woman bartender Shatbhi Basu. The coffee menu is curated by Riyaaz Amlani while deli favourites and new additions add up to a comprehensive dining menu.

We tried some of the cocktails on launch day such as Passion Fruit Curry Leaf Margarita, the Date, Rosemary and Tamarind Coupe, and the Smoked Fig, Black Pepper and Sage Old Fashioned. Of the trio, the Old Fashioned really caught our imagination with its refreshing black pepper aftertaste. There is also a list of Martinis that include Peach and Saffron, Blueberry and Litchi, and Espresso. The bar also offers Gin and tonics with combinations of Grapefruit and Pepper, Passion fruit and Rosemary and Strawberry and Peach.

The small plates Tapas menu changes daily with a combination of Western dishes with an Indian touch. The Gunpowder Potatoes, in particular, seemed like a perfect accompaniment to our margarita. Other dishes that we tasted and liked include Lemongrass scented Thai Corn Cakes, Tofu Shitake and Chestnut Wontons and Wasabi Prawns and Texas Barbequed Prawns served with mustard mayo.

For longtime patrons classics such as the Fish and Chips, Chargrilled Filet Mignon and Mac & Cheese should do the trick. Other dishes to try include the Harissa Grilled Chicken, Wild Mushroom Risotto and Parmesan Gnocchi. There are also fresh-baked items as well as wines, teas and coffee to takeaway if you wish.

With such a hearty meal, there’s one last thing we want to know. When is the new Indigo opening? Katriar says he’s still looking for the right place to open the flagship property but it’ll probably not be at the same location. As long as it opens soon, it’s a great opportunity to drink to the occasion. Which is exactly what we do as the music takes over.



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