Review: Hopscotch Is Best Avoided In Its Current Avatar

Many of its dishes and drinks do not justify their price tag. There are other teething troubles as well


Replacing Asado is a tough act to follow so expectations from Hopscotch, the newly opened bar and brasserie in Bandra, are naturally high. With a focus on fusion dishes and a menu incorporating various global cuisines, we were excited to try out the fare at Hopscotch. Read on to find out how it went.


The ambience is one thing that Hopscotch definitely has going for it. Right at the entrance is a game of hopscotch that will take you down memory lane. If you’ve ever played a game of hopscotch in your building compound, the numbers arranged in a sequence when you enter the property will surely put a smile on your face. There’s also a tic-tactoe game if you’re up for it. It’s also a good way to prep for the meal that follows as you look forward to the fusion dishes even as you cast your mind back to your childhood game.


hopscotch review

We were offered a selection of selected dishes from each section of the menu. We tried the Mexican Red Bean Tortilla Soup (Rs 300) to start things off. Immediately, our spirits drooped as the soup reminded us of packaged tomato soup more than anything. Thankfully, the Mushroom Truffle Salad (Rs 450) helped to alleviate our mood. The salad lacked enough vinaigrette but everything else was pretty spot-on with the mushroom cigar turning into our favourite.

We turned our attention to the NY Style Gyro Chicken Tacos (Rs 350) next and Dilliwali Black Daal Thepla Nachos (Rs 400). Both the dishes failed to impress with their fusion quotient. The nachos tasted like normal nachos while the tacos lacked enough flavour to make the dish compelling.

We then got Malaysian Cottage Cheese (Rs 375) that also had a bit of Scotch Brite apart from the Malaysian curry sauce. That one really put us off for a while and we were seriously hoping that the dishes to follow make up for the huge blunder. Unfortunately, the Sambal Fish (Rs 475) was also a letdown in terms of flavor as well as size. The small portions didn’t really do justice to the fish at all.

We also had the Hopscotch Special Pad Thai (Rs 500), hoping that at least the specials would redeem the food. The edible bit turned out to be papad into which Pad Thai was generously served. Finally, we sensed some method to the madness on the menu. To finish off, we had Hopscotch Nutella and Butterscotch Ice-cream Buns (Rs 550) that failed to cover up for the disaster of the earlier dishes but nevertheless, left us with a sweet ending.


We were offered Hobscotch Coffee (Rs 450), a kahlua-infused espresso and almond syrup drink that had no trace of the latter. When we asked for the original drink, the mild almond syrup still couldn’t hide the overwhelming taste of Kahlua from the drink. We finally had to ask for Coffee Negroni (Rs 450) that was miles ahead in terms of taste and flavour compared to the previous drink.


hopscotch review

The service staff at Hopscotch is mostly polite but not very attentive. You need to get their attention if you want something specific and even then chances are they will redirect your query to the manager or the chef. For example, when we asked about portion sizes for our dishes, we were surprised to hear different answers from the servers and chef for the same item. This happened on more than one occasion so we feel the need to point this out.


If you’re reading this far, then you probably wouldn’t be surprised to hear that we didn’t quite fancy Hopscotch. The chef assured us that certain changes and settling in is in order when we raised all the faults mentioned above. For now, we’ll give Hopscotch a single star purely for its nostalgic décor and setup. As and when the place improves over time, it might finally become a place to hang out with friends after a hard day’s work.


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