Review: Head To The Clearing House For Your Next Weekend Brunch

With some heady cocktails and a refreshing list of dishes to pick from, it’s easy to recommend this upscale restaurant for everything brunch.

Priyanko Sarkar

There’s no need to look further than for The Clearing House in case you’re making brunch plans in Mumbai. With a stellar European menu and a few choice drinks, the place is a must-visit for anyone seeking new places to eat out in the city while regulars can skip their weekday dinner plan in favour of their specially-curated brunch menu. Here’s a look at some of their most outstanding dishes.


We began our brunch with a couple of salads namely the Avocado and Cranberry Salad (INR 525) and the Blackened Spice Chicken with Avocado Salad (INR 525). The bitterness of baby spinach leaves in the former complimented the freshly sliced pieces of avocado and cranberry perfectly. The lotus root leaves, however, tasted a bit bitter even when combined with the cherry tomatoes, croutons and spiced chicken bits in the latter salad. We also tried their highly-recommended Eggs Benedict (INR 585) with smoked salmon that somehow missed the sweet spot with us. The egg overpowered the dish and seemed just about okay to us.

With a couple of low points, we were really hoping the rest of the menu stands out. We coundn’t have asked for anything better. The Chili Three Cheese Melt Sandwich (INR 535) literally melted in our mouths while their chilli aftertaste kept us going back for more. The Crepes (INR 525) with ratatouille and Kalamata olives was another winner that blended two classic French dishes seamlessly.

Enthused by these dishes, we called for the Poutine (INR 455) – don’t ask, we clearly have a thing for French dishes. The fried dipped in an onion mushroom gravy were okay until they served delicious bits of bacon with it. Suddenly, we couldn’t get enough of the Poutine and called for Loaded Nachos (INR 485) that seemed just about okay in front of the Poutine.

We moved to the Roast Tenderloin (INR 795) that the server confirmed would be served medium rare along with mashed potato. Once again, the dish delivered and how! The tenderloin was cooked perfectly and wasn’t as chewy as we feared it would be. This is a dish we would happily go back to again and again. For our last dish, we moved to Gluten Free Pasta Aglio E Olio (INR 685) that was a bit of a letdown with extra saltiness and a dry texture that didn’t help its cause in any way.

We quickly moved on to desserts and tried the Passion Fruit Crème Brulee Cheesecake (INR 550) whose mango gel and texture were the only things going for it. Finally, we tried the 70% Chocolate Namelaka (INR 495) that literally blew our minds. Made with chocolate sorbet, dehydrated chocolate mousse and jaggery caramel, this gluten-free dessert stood miles over its competition and was the clear winner in our mind.

For drinks, we tried some of the house specialties. We started with Living The Dream (INR 800), an aperol-based drink that goes well with the summer weather outside. Pimm’s Cup (INR 800) and Summer Love (INR 550) are two other drinks that we tried of which the latter, a vodka, green apple and pomegranate drink, was the only disappointment with its overtly sweet taste. We ended with Jamun Martini (INR 550), another summer-inspired drink that hit the spot perfectly and complimented our overall dining experience quite well.


Divided into two sections, The Clearing House is well laid out for casual walk-ins as well as reserved patrons. The outer section is far better with natural sunlight streaming through its high windows. The bar section especially is worth a dekko with just a glass ceiling separating the bartenders from nature. The inside section, ostensibly, is for those who prefer more privacy and big groups.  


The service at The Clearing House was prompt most of the times. We had to change our server as our original server began tending other customers towards the fag end of our meal. Regardless, the servers are knowledgeable, explain dishes clearly and suggest good options from the menu if you ask them. All in all, there’s not much to fault the service at the eatery.


With a great overall experience and a whole host of dishes left to try, we rate The Clearing House’s brunch menu a solid four on five.



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