Review: Bombay Brasserie Is A Treat For Sore Eyes and Taste Buds

From décor to flavours, Bombay Brasserie hits bulls-eye in every aspect


Bombay Brassiere opened its door for Mumbaikars with a brand new avatar and we fell in love with it the moment we stepped foot in its huge interiors! This all-day dinning from 12 to 12 boasts of curating dishes of best of India’s ingredients for its Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai and Kolkata.

When we talk about Bombay Brassiere, we ought to give a special mention to their décor, which no visitor can overlook. The colourful outdoor with creative swing seats, marble bar with mosaic floorings to balance and private dining areas to celebrate special occasions is everything that makes up the seating area at Bombay Brasserie. The décor of the restaurant seems to draw influence from French architecture with floor to ceiling windows all-around the place. The eatery has a chai-counter installation to give the place the vibes of Mumbai.

Talking of the F&B aspect of Bombay Barasserie, what makes Bombay Brasserie stand out of the crowded competition? It is their special range of cocktails, the Pauwa Cocktails (180 ml) of desi concoctions, served up in Pauwa, or quarter bottle. These are served with chaknas —chakli, masala cashews or peanuts— alongside. At Bombay Brasserie, your taste buds are up for a treat. Every dish is prepared from local ingredients sourced from different parts of India. From small plates to desserts, Bombay Brasserie’s menu has everything for everyone. Here are the hits and misses from the list.

What’s hot: The appetizer, Aam Papad Paneer, is a unique combination of paneer and aam papad. The paneer receives its sweet and tangy flavour from the aam papad, which are sourced from Amritsar. The winner in the appetizers were the Gunpowder Potatoes— sautéed with onion and curry leaves in gunpowder.

From the vegetarian main course, we were served Paneer Sirka Pyaz. Paneer tossed with onions soaked in vinegar. It is very rich in flavours, and is served with chur-chur paratha— multi-layered yet crunchy bread. In case you are looking for a complete meal in one go, then Bombay Lunch Home Veg Curry and Banana Leaf Rice is the best option. This dish has fragrant rice cooked in banana leaf, served with a vegetable curry that has flavours of coastal region and hint of coconut. Worth going back for!

Non-vegetarians with a taste for spice will enjoy the Naga Ghost Pepper Wings as well as the Andhra Chicken. Both these chicken dishes had the right spice notes that made us want to go back to it. The star dish, though, has to be the Kashmini Naan Kebab with the right amount of mutton mince with a long naan and a dip that had everything going for it. Don’t miss this one.

In desserts, their experiment with the most-favourite Bengali sweet, rasgulla, was a winner. The juicy, soft rasgullas were served with the aamras (mango pulp) sauce. The aamras was squeezed out of the fresh alphonso mangoes.

What’s not: If you are a cheese-lover, then you can order Chilli Cheese Kulcha. The moment you break the kulcha, liquid cheese oozes out of it, with tiny pieces of green chillies. However, we felt that it was bland and would appreciate if it had some flavours. The Marathi Jhinga Mirch failed to live up to the hype of the fiery chicken dishes too. Also, we found the sweetness of Amritsari Falooda Kulfi over the top. Among such innovative desserts, this one was a disappointment.

Rating: All dishes considered, we give Bombay Brasserie a solid four on five stars!

(With inputs from Priyanko Sarkar)


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