Review: Bogeto Café Is A Plain Jain New Eatery

The cakery bakery offers standardised dishes that don’t stand out from the crowd


Newly-opened Bogeto Café in Mumbai Central is a vegetarian-only new eatery that offers a lot of promise from outside. We went to sample their menu with high hopes. Let’s find out how this went.


We began with Soya Kheema Patti Samosas (INR 220). The samosas arrived with a bit more oil that we’d have liked and didn’t deliver on flavour as well. This was not a good start. We tried the Chilly Cheese Toast (INR 190) that turned out to be an even bigger disappointment. The toast was uneven and the cheese not layered enough to bite into. It even made us wonder if roadside vendors would have made a better version of the toast.

Thankfully, the Manchurian Balls (INR 210) turned out to be a savior. Although not as good as we were expecting, the balls (no pun intended!) did have a bit of zing to them. Sadly, the Bombay Crostini (INR 250) that sounded great turned out to be just about okay with passable Pav Bhaji spread on bread.

It would be fair to say that the appetisers didn’t really spark our taste buds. We decided to try a pizza for main course and went for the Paratha Pizza (INR 340) that seemed like the only signature dish of the café. The pizza uses a tawa paratha as the base element with makhana gravy instead of tomato sauce topped with veggies. Thankfully, this turned out to be a smart thing to order. The Paratha Pizza is funky and delicious and a definite must-try if you visit the café.

The pizza experience led us to believe that perhaps main course was a good thing to try at Bogeto. We ordered an Oriental Affair Sizzler (INR 280) that once again sounded good, but ended up being just about okay.

The dessert that we tried called Rasmalai Stack Up (INR 300) had three rasmalais put together with an unappetizing combo of salted caramel, blueberry compote and whipped cream. It’s an experiment that definitely needs more refinement.


Bogeto Café has something called as Skull Shakes that basically have drinks served in a skull-shaped glass. It definitely has novelty value and the drink we tried Pretzella (INR 290) had all the sweetness and delicious bits of Nutella squeezed into it. The Coolers, on the other hand, were just about okay. We tried the Masala Peru (INR 135) and Basil Melon (INR 175) but weren’t exactly thrilled with it.


The décor at Bogeto is minimalist with simple cutlery and tables. The Skull glasses looked to be the only interesting item out here. The lighting does justice to the spaciousness of the place but is nothing home to write about.


Bogeto Café has an extensive Jain menu that will appease those who follow the cuisine. It might also be the USP of the café since the food and drinks don’t inspire much for a casual eater. We give the place a 2 on 5.


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