#Review: Be A Happy Coal Digger At Kolkata’s Kouzina Mining Co.

Unearthing valuable gems from India’s first coal-themed restaurant

Srishti Nadhani

After their highly successful entrepreneurial debut Fly Kouzina, restaurateur-duo Mohit Harlalka and Rishi Singhal present to you the smashing Kouzina Mining Co, a coal mine-themed restaurant, a first for India. Rishi and Mohit made sure we had a sumptuous afternoon, filling our tummies with some of the best that their restaurant has to offer. A global, multi-cuisine restaurant nestled in the centre of the serene Salt Lake area of Kolkata, it can accommodate about 90 diners with a plan to refresh their menu bi-annually.

We started our afternoon with a Manchow Soup (INR 187 for vegetarian and INR 247 for non-vegetarian), modestly priced, but generous with quantity. Quite flavourful, and the biggest plus was the fried noodles—they were crisp and added the much-needed texture to the soup. The soup was a good way to give our palate a spicy and crunchy start.

Another good option to start your meal with is the Cream of Asparagus soup (INR 197/247 for vegetarian and non-vegetarian respectively). It was flavourful and creamy.

For appetisers, there were enough options to keep both the vegetarians and the non-vegetarians happy. First up, we had Killer Corn Tikki (INR 287), a rather tasty mashup of corn and potatoes served with a rather interesting Aam Sattu dip, giving it an interesting tangy note. The portion size was quite impressive too.

Paneer lovers, read carefully. The Paneer Banjara Tikka (INR 297) almost melts in your mouth, leaving behind a burst of familiar Indian flavours.

The Oriental Pepper Salt Prawns (INR 487) was a bit of a letdown though, as the fried version takes away most of the flavour from it. The only thing that this dish had going for itself was the presentation on a bed of fried noodles, making it an eye-pleaser.

The last starter we savoured was the Galouti Kebab with Canapes (INR 477). Flavourful, melt-in-your-mouth yummy and cooked just right, this one’s highly recommended.

For the main course, the Pan Seared Chicken Breast with Jus (INR 457) was excellent and will be devoured instantly by chicken lovers.

Next is one of our Kolkata favourites—the Bhetki—but with an Italian twist. The Paprika and garlic-marinated grilled Kolkata Bhetki (INR 497) was very impressive. The dallying of the desi fish with an Italian palate gave it an interesting note.

The Thai Green Curry served with Oriental Vegetables and Steamed Rice (INR 357) has the perfect consistency, and a subtle hint of coconut milk. Simply sublime.

If you like your pasta rich and creamy, but with an interesting and unique Kashmiri vibe, then you must try the Conchiglie Pasta (INR 357). Creamy enough to make it taste good and not make you sick in the stomach, the saffron touch makes it a clear winner.

Moving on to sweeter notes, the Classic Cheesecake (INR 287) was nothing out of the blue—just a regular cheesecake with blueberry toppings. The tart could be softer, as it was difficult to dig into otherwise.

With White Chocolate Mousse (INR 277), we’ve saved the best for last. A breath of fresh air from the abundant chocolate mousse, these look like scoops of vanilla ice cream, but wait till you take the first bite and the second and the last. One of the most delicious desserts we have come across in recent times, one cannot leave this place without trying out this one. Flavoured with passion fruit syrup, the mousse is just the right kind of sweet.

It’s not just the food that counts, but also the ambience. Kouzina Mining Co. is a win-win when it comes to the ambience too. A small alley leading you to the main restaurant, if you are accompanied by a kid, you will be given an authentic miner’s helmet to put on and click pictures with. Surely a place where you can take your kids to and make sure they have a good time as the place itself has a lot to offer to keep your kids engaged. They will love the food too.

However, it can be noted that this place misses the fine-dine tag as it does not serve alcohol (at least not yet). Also, if you wish to enjoy a quiet meal for two, the presence of too many children around might complicate your options.

Wallet alert

: INR 1,200 (for two). The portions are generous—you would not have any complaints on that front.


: AD 79, Sector 1, Salt Lake City, Kolkata-700064


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