Review: At Simply Shami Festival, Taste Your Way Through Ten Types Of Kebabs

Nizaami khubani, Shikhampuri, Asharfion ki shami and many more Shami kebabs on the special menu at InterContinental, Mumbai


Good things come in small packets, just like shami kebabs. These small patties— prepared either from minced chicken, lamb or mutton, mixed with gram flour and spices and coated with whisked egg are delicious savouries that everyone needs to sample. These tiny delights have quite a few versions and now you can relish some of them at the ongoing Simply Shami festival at InterContinental, Marine Drive’s Kebab Korner restaurant, just like we did!

What to expect: Kebab Korner, is an age-old in-house restaurant at Mumbai’s InterContinental Marine Drive with a rich history of serving authentic Mughlai and North Indian cuisine. For the recently organised festival, Chef Bhairav Singh of Kebab Korner narrowed down to 10 versions of shami kebabs from 10 different places. “Most of the ingredients used in the preparation of these kebabs are sourced from the place of the origin of those shami kebabs. This makes the kebabs even more delectable,” says chef Bhairav.

Must try: Chotey tamatar ki shami (four pieces for INR 1040), which brings on the plate the right amount of tanginess from locally produced tomatoes, is stuffed with a light cream in the centre. Shami choliya di (four pieces at INR 1040) is an apt choice if you like some crunch in your kebab. This kebab gets its crunch from the chestnut that is mixed with green gram and hails the Punjab region.

Chippy ki shami (INR 1275), a lamb kebab garnished with poppy seeds, is one of the few places that the chef hadn’t been to before putting it on the menu. It didn’t matter as this quickly became a house favourite because of its softness and superb aftertaste. The Nizaami khubani (INR 1040), an intriguing mix of Himachali apricot and Hyderabadi spices, was another tantalizing treat that we urge you to try.

For some reason, we didn’t much care for the fish-based kebab called Mahi dilkhush (INR 1355), an Anglo-Bengali dish with French influences. Every other shami dish has something or the other going for it.

The finale: The perfect end to any hearty meal is with a dessert. In our case, we ate lassi. You heard us right, we ate the solid-state lassi presented on an inviting plate. Prepared with hung curd, every scoop had a hint of cardamom flavour and slight tint from saffron. To add a little crunch, the dish was garnished with pistachio crumbs.

Simply Shami festival at InterContinental Marine-drive will go on till May 29, 2017. The special menu is available for lunch as well as dinner and starts from INR 1,040.


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