Review: 7 Must-try Dishes at Yauatcha Mumbai

Dim sums, more oriental fare and delicious desserts at Yauatcha that you shouldn’t miss


What’s not to like about Yauatcha? There are dim sums (several variants, yay!), heady fragrances of fresh ingredients, it’s a seductively modern space that is well lit, has long and luminous aquariums, and from this two-storey glass tea house, you get a good view of the Bandra-Kurla Complex (BKC)—all creating a come-hither environment. Then there’s the communal table that can be booked by large groups, or where people can share their space. There’s a sense of style with cutlery, table apparel and cushions discreetly embroidered with Oriental motifs. There are two open kitchens, and an exquisite take-away dessert counter on the ground floor that’s ready to box and ribbon your pretty dessert for you to take home.
Here are the must-try dishes from the elaborate menu:

  1. Har gau prawn dumplings

    There is sufficient variety in the dim sum menu and Yauatcha brings the humble dimsums up to a level of sophistication. The beauty of the traditional har gau prawn dumplings lies in its simplicity and flavour. It’s generously meaty, moist and plump, with a fine, transparent pastry and graceful delicate pleats, clearly proving the finesse of the chef’s hands. Yet they are robust enough to hold themselves together when picked up by chopsticks, and don’t stick to each other or to the bamboo basket they are served in. These are bite-sized translucent pouches of savoury joy, if we may say so.
    Priced at: 475 INR

  2. Shredded lamb soup with celery and mushroom
    This comforting soup is swimming with tender lamb and slivers of mushroom, and is seasoned with celery, elevating this soup to a rich and hearty meal. It is served with a fresh sprig of celery and did a tango in our mouth. YUM YUM!
    Priced at: 350 INR

  3. Stir-fry lotus root, asparagus and water chestnut with black pepper
    If you are a vegetarian who can’t stomach too much spice, then this dish will hit all the right palate notes. Simple ingredients whisked together with simple garnishes—this stir-fry is crunchy, palpably fresh, light, healthy and tastes divine.
    Priced at: 695 INR

  4. Braised pork belly
    The double-cooked pork belly is tender and flavourful, and melt-in-the-mouth. What got us raving about this dish was the delicate balance in flavour that was on point. The pork belly is well complemented by a sauce that balances perfectly between sweet and tangy, without the use of any overwhelming spice. A caveat: This awesomeness comes with a steep price and is one of the most expensive items on the menu, but our tummy shushed our wallet.
    Priced at: 1,750 INR

  5. Chicken fried rice with XO sauce
    The versatility of this rice preparation is that it pairs well with any of the mains on the Yauatcha menu. This fried rice is tossed in traditional Chinese XO sauce that is made with Parma ham and dried seafood (shrimp, in this case) and oil. Contrary to our belief that since it is made of dried seafood, the flavours might be overwhelming, they were, in fact, sublime. Mixed with a main, it binds together beautifully to uplift your plate.
    Priced at: 475 INR

  6. Raspberry Delice

    This is hands down one of the prettiest and most delicious desserts we have ever eaten—a clear winner on Instagram. Shaped like a rose, it broke our heart to dig our fork into it, but we did, and it revealed the raspberry manjari chocolate mousse and had the lychee pannacotta at its centre. The pleasant almost-sour hints of the raspberry broke through the sharp, single-origin-yet-fruity, dark chocolate, served with a side of raspberry ice cream.
    Priced at: 450 INR + taxes

  7. Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse
    We know, we know that we’re mentioning two desserts on this list, but it had to be done because they are that good. The sinful dessert is meant for the true chocolate lovers out there. It is a combination of gooey chocolate mousse with a crunchy hazelnut centre, and a side of chilled honeycomb ice cream, and promises a divine sensational taste and textural experience.
    Priced at: 450 INR + taxes

You can either start your meal on a high by knocking back a tea-based cocktail—we recommend the heady concoction called Cha La Lai (made of Belvedere vodka, black grapes, oolong tea, apple juice and champagne)—or you could finish off by picking from their 24 varieties sourced from all over the world. A simple cup of green tea will do the trick of washing down that scrumptious meal.

Images courtesy: Yauatcha Facebook page


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