Review: 10 Best Burgers in Bengaluru

Bangalore-based food blogger Tejas Krishna conducted painstaking research to figure out the very best burger dens in Bengaluru


This American food, a patty-stuffed delight is a hot favourite across the globe. Burgers may be messy but we aren’t complaining because the juicier the burger, the better it fills the void in our tummy. Give us a bib and gloves for all we care or we will just lick our fingers once we’re done. There are scrumptious variations to this American food in terms of size, filling, garnish and embellishment. So Bangalore-based food blogger Tejas Krishna conducted painstaking research to figure out the very best burger in Bangalore. Based on his taste buds and how happy his tummy was, here’s the comprehensive list of best burgers in Bangalore just waiting to be devoured by you.

Where: Smally’s Resto Café, Church Street

Bite into: Kukkad Burger

This cosy resto café is popular for their Kukkad burgers. In this variation of the American food, the grilled chicken patty comes swathed in lettuce and some amazingly fresh and gooey cheese. The beauty of this whopper burger is that the flavours combine effortlessly, and it is very filling as well, making it a well-deserving candidate for the best burger in Bangalore.

Price point:

₹850 for two (approx.)

Where: Café Thulp, Indiranagar
Bite into: Moo Burger with Cheese

Holy cow, forget the best burger in Bangalore, this is one of the yummiest cheeseburgers you will find in India! The heavy-duty full meat patty in this American food is impeccably ground and spiced to perfection plus the burger is balanced with sautéed onions and bacon. If you want more spice, then you can coat it with pungent yellow cheese. Do you want one mo(o)re?

Price point:

₹1,000 for two (approx.)

Where: Hard Rock Café, St Marks Road
Bite into: LA Confidential Veg Burger

It’s a myth that anything can remain confidential when you are at Hard Rock Café, and definitely not this vegetable burger that deserves to be famous. This double-decker variation of the American food comes with a crispy vegetable patty and a crusty potato patty, is slathered with tangy spiced chipotle mayo and is served with a smoky dip and chilli fries on the side. How can it not make it to the best burger in Bangalore nominations?

Price point:

₹1,700 for two (approx.)

Where: Café Mezzuna, St Marks Road
Bite into: Chicken and Cheese Mini Burger

We have noticed that apart from the American food, sliders have become quite popular probably because many food enthusiasts want to taste a variety of bite-sized burgers without over-stuffing themselves with one jumbo version. This basement-built chic and modern restaurant offers three platters of mini burgers: Veg, chicken and lamb; but the chicken (with added cheese) mini burgers are the winners for the best burger in Bangalore, based purely on the good taste of tender chicken. They come along with crisp fresh-made potato fries and some coleslaw salad.

Price point:

₹1,200 for two (approx.)

Where: Chili’s, Indiranagar
Bite into: Craft Tex-Mex Burger

If you couldn’t get enough of Chili’s classic Big Mouth Burgers, then you won’t be disappointed by their newbie craft burgers because they are bigger! The buns for the Craft Tex-Mex Burger isn’t made from regular wheat flour, but instead from soft, warm, freshly-toasted potato—a lot of science has gone into tweaking this American food. So, of course, it had to make it to the list of best burger in Bangalore. The patty of choice is seasoned with spices like cumin, paprika and a lot of chillies and is hand-pressed. We preferred the lamb patty because it was gorgeously succulent.

Price point:

₹1,700 for two (approx.)

Where: Truffles, St Marks Road
Bite into: Lamb Burger and Tandoori Chicken Burger

The long waiting list to get a table at this restaurant is testimony enough to why it's the best burger in Bangalore. But if you want more proof, it's popular for their moist Lamb Burger that comes in four sizes—regular, double, XL, XXL—yes, you read right; take your pick of this American food according to your appetite. They also serve a succulent Tandoori Chicken Burger; the juicy fillet of tandoori chicken is smeared with garlic butter.

Price point:

₹900 for two (approx.)

Where: Monkey Bar, Indiranagar
Bite into: Mobar Hamburger

One of their signature burgers, the Mobar Hamburger is loaded with two single minced beef patties that are grilled over a wood fire to optimise flavour and juiciness; along with handsome helpings of Swiss cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, grilled onions, mayonnaise and burger dust, coated with their in-house black buns. A twist to the American food that the gourmand will appreciate, making it a perfect fit on the best burger in Bangalore list. The several cool liquid-engineered cocktails will help you wash down this enormous feast.

Price point:

₹2,000 for two (approx.)

Where: The Lost Caravan, Church Street
Bite into: Chettinad Chicken Burger

If you are a nomadic soul and looking for a spicy fiery version of the American food, then make a pit-stop at this traveller-themed watering hole and gorb their Chettinad Chicken Burger. It makes it to the best burger in Bangalore list for happily marrying classic South Indian flavours (like the Chettinad curry) with Mediterranean ones (courtesy the Aioli sauce) and the result is Yummy (with a capital Y). You will also find, between your buns, some lettuce, grilled onions, cheddar cheese and tomatoes to add to this already exotic burger.

Price point:

₹800 for two (approx.)

Where: Plan B, Brigade Road
Bite into: The Big Veggie Burger

Plan B is your destination if you are on the lookout for delicious vegetarian burgers. What makes this variation of the American food special is the mango-mayonnaise sauce that accompanies it. Yes, you heard right. Mango mayo may sound like a strange combo, but it adds an extra kick of flavour and goes ridiculously well with the burger. The patty is made of mashed potato and minced veggies that are deep fried. Garnishes include cheese, tomato, onion, herbed mayo and a sprinkling of black pepper. Comes with a side of potato wedges, helping it land in the best burger in Bangalore list.

Price point:

₹1,300 for two (approx.)

Where: Peppa Zzing, Infantry RoadZzing, Infantry Road
Bite into: Monster Burgers (Beef/lamb/chicken)

These burgers make it the best burger in Bangalore list for giving you great bang for your buck. They come with the works—juicy, huge meat patty of your choice, mushrooms, mustard onions, an omelette, lettuce and tomatoes. A special mention to the gooey cheese and the patty that is textured, adding a little special something to every bite of this tall burger. The American food comes in three sizes—regular, monster, whammy—and gets progressively larger in terms of diameter and the amount of space between the buns, and not to forget the vacuum that it fills in your belly.

Price point:

₹800 for two (approx)

With inputs from Tejas Krishna


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