7 Shorbas To Help You Get Through The Nippy Weather

Because a hot bowl of soup can cure everything.

Nothing beats the comfort of a hot bowl of soup when the nip in the air gets stronger. Hence, after giving you a long list of soups to beat the blues, it’s time we introduced you to some lip-smacking shorbas to try at home. 

According to food historian Salma Husain, shorba, a hot soup equivalent, originated in the Middle-East and came to India with the Mughals. The name is derived from the Arabic word, ‘shurbah', which means soup. Traditionally prepared by simmering meat and vegetables in boiling water along with salt, spices, and herbs. Once cooked, the meat and veggies were separated and the flavourful broth was served as a starter or main course with bread. While most associate the shorba to the northern parts of India, Husain says they are not limited to the north only, but also have a place in other parts of the country. 

Tamatar ka Shorba
One of the most basic shorbas served in India is the Tamatar ka Shorba, which is made using tomatoes, garam masala, pepper, cumin powder, and garlic. This Indian-style tangy and spicy tomato soup is generally ordered as part of the first course in restaurants. 

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7 Shorbas To Help You Get Through The Nippy Weather

Dahi Shorba
A soothing soup made with yogurt, besan (gram flour), radish, ginger, chillies, and a few basic Indian spices. Dahi shorba makes for the perfect recipe to make when its cold outside. 

Paya ka Shorba
Also known as Kharode ka shorba, this is a clear bone broth made with goat or lamb trotters commonly known as paya. For making this soup, they simmer meat and bone marrow for hours. This time-consuming and slow process helps the meat and bones release their juices and flavours and turn the water into a rich-flavoured broth. Best known as a home remedy for various illnesses, paya ka shorba is one of Bollywood diva Katrina Kaif’s favourites

Coconut Shorba
The shorba is simply a mix of coconut water and coconut milk tempered with coconut oil, mustard seeds, whole red chilli, finely chopped ginger and some hing (asafoetida). To add texture to the soup, add noodles made from carrot and zucchini. 

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Papad Mangodi Shorba
This scrumptious and nutritious soup is all about various textures provided by papad and mangodi (small dumplings made from urad or chana dal also known as badis). It works very well as a side dish and can be served with rice or rotis, if you’re not in the mood to eat it as a soup. 

Yakhni Shorba
A Kashmiri favourite, this is a yogurt-based stew made with mutton. It is made by boiling mutton and mutton shanks with whole spices. Once the meat has released its juices, it is removed, the stock is further fortified with yogurt and saffron. 

Ghia aur Gosht ka Shorba
Now if you’ve got all the ingredients in place, this is a straightforward and healthy recipe when there is a nip in the air. Made with the goodness of bottle gourd and heartiness of mutton, the shorba flavours enhanced with the use of aromatic spices such as mace (javitri) and cardamom. 

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