Rekindle Your Romance With This 5-Course Meal This Monsoon

From starters to desserts, here’s a meal and wine combo you need to try out

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Love is in the air as the mating season is here; we humans don’t need a season but simply a reason! The love may manifest itself in various forms and when it comes to showing it behind closed doors, Aphrodite the Greek goddess of love, pleasure and procreation is as much to be celebrated. Here is a 5-course meal paired with wines to up your game this romantic monsoon.

Guacamole and tortilla chips

guacamole and tortilla chips

The parishioners were forbidden from eating it; the Aztecs called it Ahuacatl or testicle given its shape, Avocado the fruit packed with necessary to get your hormones peak. No wonder Mexico tops charts in a sexual satisfaction survey conducted by a contraceptive company. I would advise this to be paired with some world class Indian Sauvignon Blancs from the house of Charosa, Grover Zampa or York.

Asparagus with melted butter

Asparagus is packed with folates that aids the release of histamine required for libido in both sexes. This classic combination with melted butter is best paired with a crisp Austrian Gobelsburg Gruner Veltliner or a steely Chablis.

Figs , arugula and goat cheese salad

figs arugula goat cheese

Legend says the ancients Romans revered the Aragula leaves for its aphrodisiac properties and the ancient Greeks valued figs more than gold. This combination is a powerhouse to keep the juices flowing. Pair it with an off-dry Framingham Riesling from New Zealand or the German Heinz Pfaffman .

Sweet potato ravioli in pesto

sweet potato ravioli

Sweet potatoes rich in potassium and beta carotene helps fertility, basil is long associated with arousal and also boosts circulation and lastly, the zinc-rich Pine nuts boost the testosterone levels. Go look for recipes on the web while a crisp and fruity prosecco from Carpene Malvolti, a Valpolicello ripasso from Zenato are our picks to pair this delish dish with.

70% chocolate tart

chocolate tart

Chocolate packed with antioxidants and phenylethalamine gives one the sense of well being and this when paired with a reservatrol rich Tawny Port wine from Dow’s or Cockburns gives you that Utopian feel.

Create recipes and steamy kitchen scenes cooking together, try champagne in the bath … well, let me leave the imagination to you. Have a super monsoon and yes, go easy on the wine as excess alcohol is the antidote to all that sweet rush.

Written exclusively for Living Foodz by Ajit Balgi, founder of wine and beverage consultancy and experiences firm The Happy High


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