Calling brothers to rewrite tradition and whip up these easy desserts for their sisters!

We’ve made a list of easy desserts so that anyone can make these Rakshabandhan specials in a jiffy.

Oatmeal cookies
This easy desserts recipe is child’s play. Literally. And an awesome way to get your son and daughter to stop bickering and work together on Rakshabandhan specials. After all, there is the promise of a delicious dessert at the end of the tunnel!


Dark Chocolate Fondue
A perfect, two-ingredient easy desserts recipe of dark chocolate fondue to share when you have a gang of cousins over to share Rakshabandhan specials with. Share the love!


Coconut Laddu
We all love to gobble them up. With just a few ingredients, this is an easy desserts recipe. Simply roll these tiny balls of coconut snow and your Rakshabandhan specials will be ready in no time.


Double Trouble
Have vegans among your siblings or cousins? There is no need to overthink. There are easy desserts for them too! For your Rakshabandhan specials, whip up this dairy-free smoothie with fresh papaya, avocado and grapes with soy milk. You can replace with seasonal fruits, but do remember to avoid the garnish of strawberry smoothie while serving vegans.


Chocolate Brownies
For this year's Rakshabandhan specials, surprise your siblings with your baking skills and easy desserts. Everyone loves decadent chocolate brownies with a frosting of rich chocolate. Get, set, bake!


Milk Peda
Now this one may demand some extra time and effort from beginners in the kitchen but is there a better way to show your love? Peda, the traditional Indian sweet, is an easy dessert for every special occasion. We’ve picked a simple recipe of milk peda with a dash of saffron for your Rakshabandhan specials.


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