Rainy Day Snacks You Just Cannot Pass

The beautiful weather demands some scrumptious eats. We did the legwork so you can cook and curl up with these warm treats

Khaman Dhokla
One of the easy to make snacks recipes, this spongy goodness made with lentils is super healthy too! Adjust the spice in the tempering according to taste, and bingo! You have the perfect snacks recipes to beat your rainy-day cravings.

Rainy Day Snacks You Just Cannot Pass

Accompany your plate of dhokla with a delicious chutney to complete the meal. This list tells you which is the best chutney to have with dhokla.

If you're in no mood to make dhokla at home, check out these places that offer the best dhokla in Mumbai.

If you're feeling creative and want to
do more with your dhokla recipe, these recipe ideas will inspire many new dishes.

French Toast
A crunchy version of the classic French toast snacks recipes sans eggs, you can whip up this sugary treat in no time. And the rest is history!
Rainy Day Snacks You Just Cannot Pass

Another snacks recipe, Kainaz Messman of Theobroma shares her favourite French toast recipe.

Onion Ring with Coconut Chutney
When it comes to snacks recipes, piping hot onion rings come second to…ummmm…nothing! Here’s our version which goes very well with homemade coconut chutney. If you want to skip the chutney, just grab a bowl of ketchup or coriander chutney, or better still, gooey cheese, and you’ve hit the right note!

Rainy Day Snacks You Just Cannot Pass

Potato Smiley
We don’t dig the store bought smileys when they’re so easy to make at home. This has to be one of the easiest snacks recipes. Bonus: when you make these snacks recipes at home, you can flavour them with your favourite herbs, greens or chopped onions, or stuff them with cheese!

Rainy Day Snacks You Just Cannot Pass

Mix Veg Bonda
Agreed, rainy day snacks recipes can be a wee bit liberal with calories. But we don’t give up so easily, you see. Here’s a healthy idea and snacks recipes that you will love. It also makes a great party snack. This veg bonda can accommodate any number of greens, in fact, just go ahead and add a rainbow, we say.

Rainy Day Snacks You Just Cannot Pass

Did you know, a quick way to ensure you are having a nutritionally balanced meal is to ensure you have all colours of food on your plate. Red foods, white foods, green foods, purple foods - read our story series to find out the nutritional value of different coloured foods.

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