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Resort to healthy juices that cleanse the system and rejuvenate us.

Revati Nargund

If you thought a steaming pot of chai or coffee is the only way to beat monsoon-related ailments, the pensive gloom and the overall lethargy that takes over the best of you, think again. Ask experts and they will tell you how eating immunity-boosting foods can go a long way in dealing with seasonal allergies and infections. Have you ever thought of giving refreshing, cold juices a try? Yes, we are talking healthy, fresh and organic juices that will make you want to just have juice for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

While there are juice brands galore in the supermarket aisles, the need to consume healthy, preservative-free alternatives is equally high.  Ishi Khosla, clinical nutritionist, columnist and author, says juice shots work well primarily because of their nutritional and health benefits. “With the kind of pollution and other environmental hazards that we face today, consuming a juice that comes with all the required nutrients in one small bottle is recommended. I personally feel that the juices should be composed of vegetables and superfoods and not fruits. Just a minimal amount of fruit to induce sweetness is essential but the emphasis should be on various combinations of vegetables.”

Here are a few places to get your juice fix, this monsoon:

Raw Pressery, Mumbai and Delhi

Huzefa Chittawala, brand manager of Raw Pressery, one of India’s first cold-pressed juice brand says, “The whole purpose of curating juices like the Flush and Trim is to pack a small meal in a bottle and include all the right nutrients in a refreshing juice shot. The juice cleanse is a popular regime that can detox your body of impurities and boost your immunity, especially in the monsoons.”

“The juice cleanse will help you feel less bloated as it gives the digestive system a break and is also a great way to manage your weight and detoxify your body” says Jacqueline Fernandez who happens to be a regular consumer.

Kitchen Garden by Suzette, Mumbai

We spoke to Pierre Labail one of the three partners of Kitchen Garden by Suzette, Pierre Labail, who has been living in Bombay for 12 years. “My personal favourite juice at Kitchen Garden is the Pink Detox but I see a large majority of our customers opting for the green detox which has become quite a rage. This one specifically is made from baby spinach, amla, pineapple. We make our juices fresh every single day and these are not ones that can be consumed a day or two later, they have to be consumed instantly. We also ensure that no preservatives and sugar is added, so the juices are inherently very healthy in its make.”

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Just Pressed, New Delhi

If you are someone who finds the whole concept of going on a cleanse intimidating, then try a single-day cleanse to understand how you would deal with a longer cleanse. Just Pressed comes in eight flavours and they also do gluten free muesli and trail mixes which are perfect options for a quick meal in between the day.

Birdsong The Organic Café, Mumbai

Birdsong Café has a drinks menu that includes a mix of healthy juice shots. The Carrot Ginger is fresh carrot juice with a hint of ginger, the Pink Flamingo is a mixture of beetroot, carrot and pineapple. A drink called Drink Up Your Greens made of a variety of vegetables such as kale, cucumber, spinach and lemon is the best way to consume your greens.

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Antidote, New Delhi

A delivery service, Antidote has five flavours that target different parts of the body. Made using ingredients such as spinach, green tea and carrots, the juices have quirky names such as Skinny Down or Nine Lives. Being gluten free and preservative free, these are cold pressed juices that are fortified with natural superfood extracts and thus end up acting as functional foods. “Cleansing is not really a new phenomenon, age old cultures have always believed in juicing to detoxify and revive the body. Antidote follows a time tested formula with a new and evolved process.”, the brand says.

The Village Shop, Mumbai

Giving the age old turmeric a twist, The Village Shop café serves a turmeric cooler that is essentially savoury turmeric and lime with a sliced green chilly. With drinks like Purple Blush, a mixture of fresh carrots and beetroot juice and their special kombucha, there are a vast number of options.

Sequel Bistro and Juice Bar, Mumbai

Sequel Bistro has a whole section of cold pressed juices, which are just as yummy as they are healthy. Ingredients such as beetroot, kale, cucumber, carrot, mint, celery, ginger, etc., are used in a variety of combinations. The use of a hydraulic press keeps the nutrients intact and helps the juice retain its essential natural nutrients. 

Images Courtesy: Raw Pressery, Suzette Mumbai


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