'Pegan' diets and foil pack dinners to trend in 2019: Pinterest

Find out what culinary trends are ready to hit the headline.

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In 2019, families will be baking their own bread and smearing it with batches of homemade jam. More and more health and climate-conscious consumers will adopt a mash-up ‘pegan’ diet, and dinner tables will be lined with foil pack dinners.

Those are some of the foods trend predicted to gain momentum in 2019 based on search growth among Pinterest's 250 million users over six-month periods.

Here's a selection of some of the food trends which saw double and triple-digit growth on the social media site:

Searches for ‘homemade jam’ rose +829 percent:

A search for ’homemade jam’ on Pinterest yields row after row of mason jars filled with berry, stone fruit jams and jellies. But it also offers up creative recipe ideas like habanero peach jam, beer and bacon jam and toffee apple jam.

Foil pack dinner +759 percent:

Who needs plates anymore when you can cook an entire meal in envelopes of aluminum foil? At-home cooks are discovering the convenience of low-prep, low-mess foil pack dinners and looking up recipes like garlic butter steak and potatoes, shrimp boil packets and cheesy sausage and potatoes.

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Pegan +337 percent:

A mash-up of paleo and vegan principles, the ‘pegan’ diet is less restrictive than either lifestyle, with the inclusion of legumes and grains. Meat is treated more as a side dish or condiment rather than a main. Recipes include red curry lentils, white bean kale salad and pumpkin pancakes.

Baking bread +413 percent:

In line with the slow food movement, consumers are discovering the pleasure of baking their own bread, a labour-intensive and time-consuming, hands-on activity that forces people to slow down and teaches patience. 

Ginger water +353 percent:

The purported health benefits of ginger and lemon water have driven searches for this health tonic to grow three-fold. Advocates claim ginger water has anti-inflammatory benefits, boosts metabolism and helps with digestion. 

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