Peachy! Here’s How to Buy and Store So You Eat the Juiciest Fruit

Pick the season’s fresh fare and we tell you how


It’s the season for peaches and plums. Peaches are a soft-skinned fruit with a velvet-finish, and soft flesh inside. Peaches are often confused with nectarines. Their outer skin is the primary distinguishing factor between the two fruits. Peaches have the fuzz on their skin, while nectarines don’t.

Here’s how you can pick the best fruit.

How to Buy:

• Pick fruits that are dark-yellow in colour. Leave the fruits with green-tint or colour behind, as they were plucked at an early stage. If you ripe the green fruit at room temperature, it won’t have the sweet taste.

• A ripe peach gives off a sweet aroma. It also indicates a healthy fruit.

• While buying peaches, hold them in your palm and press gently from the shoulder or top.

• The firm ones are yet to ripe, but are good to add in salads, for the crunch.

• The ones that give when you squeeze are ready to eat. Eat them before the fruit becomes mushy.

• Peaches with fine wrinkles are excellent to consume immediately as the water content in them is high.

How to Store:

Peaches are delicate fruits and can be bruised easily. Keep the ripe fruit in the refrigerator to increase their shelf-life. However, eat them before the juices dry up.

If the peaches that you brought home aren’t ripe, don’t worry. The ripening continues even after the fruit is plucked, at room temperature.

Nutrient value:
“Peaches are high in potassium and fiber. It helps to lower the blood pressure. As it is low in calories, even diabetics and people trying to lose weight can include it in their diet,” says Mumbai-based nutritionist Naini Setalvad.

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