Pani Puri & Its Beloved And Awesome Types

India's most loved snack Pani Puri also known as water balls, a crispy ball with stuffing completed by a tangy water, read and know different types of tasty pani puris


If you are an Indian, then you must have surely lived with this name “Pani Puri”. A snack (Chaat) dish which is one of the top most popular and loved by almost everyone in India. Though the calling name may differ in every region, the way of making and taste remains the same. People call it with various names like Puchka, Pani Patashe, Gol Gappe etc., means you do not need to get confused as they are referring to Pani Puri Only. What is Pani Puri? Exterior:- Pani Puri is a crispy snack dish which is made using wheat flour. It looks like a ball which is empty from inside. Stuffing:- The stuffing is made to fill inside the puri. This Stuffing can be made using any of the food components like potatoes, Sprouts, Chana etc. Liquid:- A special tangy yet spicy liquid is required which brings this recipe together. This is made with fresh coriander leaves and various spices. Assembling:- First, a small hole is made on the one side of puri so that stuffing can be filled inside it. After stuffing, that puri is filled with the liquid mixture and served immediately. Types of Puris of Pani Puri Generally, there are two types of puris used in pani puri i.e. one which is made up with Wheat Flour (Atta) and other made using Rava. Wheat Flour Puri:- These are the most common and easily available. The shape is circular and is thinner and crispier. You can also consider them as healthy as they are made up using wheat flour. Rava Puri:- This type of puri is mostly available in Northern part of India. They are rectangular in shape, and a bit softer than the puris made using wheat flour. The base of these puris is harder, but they are tastier as well..


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